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TRUCK Gallery presents perfromances, installations and interactive works in venues across the city of Calgary. Join us for these innovative and dynamics programming initiatives in public spaces.

Events in this series

Born near Víðimýri, Iceland in 1853, Stephan G. Stephansson immigrated to the United States as a teenager and later moved to Markerville, Alberta towards the end of the nineteenth century.  As a farmer he worked the land by day and, an insomniac, by night he honed his craft as a poet.  Referred to as “The Poet of the Rocky Mountains”, he never left Canada to visit his native country until he was well into his sixties.  Nonetheless, despite a nearly lifelong residence in North America, his prolific output and broad acclaim gained him recognition as one of Iceland’s most celebrated literary figures.  In 1908, Stephansson’s oeuvre was documented in a six volume publication entitled Andvökur, or Sleepless Nights.  

Sleepless Nights: Visions from Western Canada, a group exhibition that brings together nine contemporary artists from the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, looks to (re)engage the cultural and historical connections between Western Canada and Iceland.  This exhibition not only borrows from Stephan G. Stephansson in its titling but, as well, draws inspiration from his unique poetic style, which through experimental means looked to blend divergent cultural influences in the merging of traditional Scandinavian metre with the philosophies of North American freethinkers of the period.  Stephansson’s use of intricate metaphor and neologisms, and his interest in themes such as the romanticized landscape and the transient nature of life, resurface in
new a meaningful ways through the current explorations of the artists included in this exhibition.

Sleepless Nights: Visions from Western Canada was developed in response to Sundogs: Contemporary art from Iceland, a 2008 exhibition that saw the work of artists Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir, Erling T.V. Klingenberg, Hekla Dögg Jónsdóttir, Pall Banine, Ragnar Kjartansson and Sirra Sigrun Sigurdardottir on display at TRUCK in Calgary, Alberta.  Curated by David Diviney, a Nova Scotia based artist/curator, these two exhibitions
serve as a continuation of his collaborative research with Icelandic artists and institutions that began over a decade ago.  

This exhibition is produced by Kling&Bang Gallerí in partnership with TRUCK and is supported by Alberta Foundation for the Arts’ Cultural Relations Project Grant Program, The Embassy of Canada to Iceland in Reykjavik, and The Consulate General of Iceland in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Many of the artists in the exhibition have received individual travel and/or project assistance from various provincial and federal agencies
including Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Canada Council for the Arts.   

For media inquiries please contact Renato Vitic, Director, TRUCK, Contemporary Art in Calgary, at or (403) 261-7702.


Jason de Haan
Barba de Sal (Salt Beard), 2009
Salt and borrowed sculpture from the collection of Museo Regional, Queretaro, Mexico
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The MediaPackBoard (MPB) is a project that was planned for several years and was finally put together in the spring of 2005.  The idea for this portable screening / performance unit evolved from earlier portable gallery / performance projects.  The MPB, started as an individual project and expanded to include other artists and members of its public audience.

Presented through Calgary’s TRUCK Gallery and Artcity, MPB EARTH: The Angle of Incidence is Equal to the Angle of Reflection offered the public audience a chance to take part in a hands-on science experiment. A small camera mounted on the string of a weather balloon transmitted its point of view to the backpack monitor. Through use of a mirror, Participants were able to direct the eye of the camera to pick up what they wanted it to see. Assistants and Participants were able to ‘zoom’ the camera view by reigning connecting kite strings in or out.

Through the luck of necessity, the day was warm and sunny and people were able to relax and play a bit in the fall air. MPB EARTH follows in the tradition of the ‘NOW-HAPPENINGS‘ of MPB on the street.


****Presented in conjunction with ArtCity Festival****



PRESENTED AT THE EPCOR CENTRE IN THE JACK SINGER REHEARSAL HALL (9 th Avenue entrance adjacent to the loading bay)

Luna and Gomez-Pena have been co-conspirators since 1993. Solid Gold is their most recent performance. This piece is a radical opera and an anthology of past and recent work in the form of a live art record album. We invite you to dematerialize through a sensory overload of images, texts, and sound. Through an open structure, the artists challenge you to move and experience the performance from multiple perspectives and distances.

Create your own journey!

The Calgary version of Solid Gold features the following artists: Terrance Houle (Blackfoot/Ojibway), Saul Garcia Lopez (Mexican/Canadian), Heather Haynes (Texan), Gargi “Gigi” Ghugare (Omani/Indian/Canadian), Amelia Crowshoe and Floyd Blackhorse (Blackfoot), Eric Heitmann (Chilean/Canadian), and Jessie Altura (Phillipino/Canadian).

This project was brought to Calgary through an innovative collaboration between four Calgary-based visual art/new media organizations: Indigeneity Artist Collective Society, The Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival Society, The EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts, and TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary.

Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin
-Jim Morrison



Alberta Room of the Fairmont Palliser Hotel
133 9th Avenue SW, Calgary AB

Resonant Dialogues: 25 Years of the Second Story Art Society

Please join us for cocktails and hor d’oeuvres in the Alberta Room of the Palliser Hotel, as we toast to our next 25 years!


TRUCKIN\' Along by Nicole Burisch



In 2008 TRUCK Contemporary Art celebrated its 25th anniversary, and to commemorate this milestone, produced a boxed set publication featuring twenty-five writers, elucidating the first twenty-five years of the gallery’s existence:

Renato Vitic / Patti Dawkins / Chuck Hughes / David Clark / Grant Poier / Mark Dicey / Cynthia Ward / Carol Beecher / Sarah Adams-Bacon / Katherine Ylitalo / Cheryl L’Hirondelle / Marc Hutchinson / Amy Gogarty / Christine Sowiak / Paul Robert / Jeff Derksen / Tanya Rusnak / Lissa Robinson / Jim Ellis / Brett Snyder / Linda Carreiro / Ed Chan / Kay Burns / Holly Simon / Keith Murray / Scott Rogers / Erin Belanger
Including over 75 colour images, these volumes are comprised of reminiscences, anecdotes, critial texts, poems, and interviews, with each writer bringing a personal perspective on a particular exhibition or exhibiting artist. Celebrating and exploring the work of both local and international artists such as Brian Jungan, John Will, David Hoffos, Jeff Viner, Terrance Houle, Robyn Arsenault, Wednesday Lupypciw, Anthea Black, Nicole Burisch, Bart Habermiller, Martin Bennet, Mirelle Perron, and many more, Resonant Dialogues forms an important archive tracing the cultural development of contemporary art in Calgary. 

Click here to order 


Intersite Visual Arts Festival returns from September 5 to 6, 2014 at multiple venues throughout Calgary, Canada. IVAF 2014 will consist of projects that explore alternative ways of conveying discourse and encouraging conversation. Presenters will be experimenting with the format of “a lecture,” finding unconventional methods or environments for delivering informed opinions and innovating within this academic structure.
As part of its 2014 iteration, Intersite will include a gallery crawl of all partner organizations’ opening exhibitions; collaboratively selected off-site visual arts programming of local and national artists; and an evening reception and Keynote Address at the #1 Royal Canadian Legion.
Presenting partners include Contemporary Calgary, TRUCK Contemporary Art, Stride Gallery, The New Gallery, The EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts, Untitled Art Society, and M:ST Performative Art Festival.

Gallery Crawl / Multiple Venues        
Friday, September 5, 2014, 8:00pm – 11:00pm                                             
Visit Contemporary Calgary, TRUCK Contemporary Art, Stride Gallery, The New Gallery, The EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts, and Untitled Art Society as each hosts a public reception for their current exhibitions on September 5, 2014. An Intersite party bus will be providing free transportation between locations from 8:30pm – 11:30pm. Bus schedule and gallery maps will be available at all participating venues. For further details on each exhibition, please visit the Intersite website ( or contact the host gallery directly.
Instinctive Break / Andrew Frosst   
@ Contemporary Calgary
            117 8 Avenue SW
            September 5 to 14, 2014
THAT THING THAT GOES! / Terrance Houle & Wendy Redstar
@ TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary
            2009 10 Avenue SE
            September 5 to October 4, 2014
Prairie Folk and Other Speculative Fictions / Denton Fredrickson   
@ Stride Gallery, Main Level
            1006 Macleod Trail SE
            September 5 to October 17, 2014
Reconvenience / United Congress
@ The New Gallery
            208 Centre Street S
            September 6 to October 4, 2014
La Féte Sauvage: A Presentation by the Laboratory of Feminist Pataphysics / Mireille Perron
@ The EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts, Ledge Gallery
            205 8 Avenue SE, +15 Level
            September 5 to October 25, 2014
Crime and Punishedment / Zac Slams
@ Untitled Contemporary Art Main Space
            343 11 Avenue SW
            August 8 to September 6, 2014

Offsite Programming
@ Multiple Venues         
Saturday, September 6, 2014
How To Be Bodies: A Lecture Through Snapchat / Teresa Tam (Calgary, AB)
Hi, let’s talk about bodies. How has digital technologies integrated into your life? Ever wonder and give attention to things going on in and around you while connected? There is a connection between people entangled in digital spaces. You are there, I am here. Isn’t it strange that, where ever you are and where I am, we are here talking? I am there with you, wherever you are. My presence, affecting you. And yours affecting me simultaneously. Doesn’t that make the world seem so strange? Maybe not.
On September 6 through the social media application Snapchat, I invite anyone to send and produce “snaps” to my handle to start conversing about bodies and what our lives are like today. Without the explicit permanency and public exposure, our conversations should revolve much less about how one looks but more on connecting with each other in the moment. For or against, digital technologies are shaping all aspects of our lives. The goal of this conversation is to open the dialogue on the importance of one’s own physicality and the implications on it. A criticism of digital technologies are its supposed facilitation of un-human interactions. On the other hand, we have to see and dream of new methods in which we can be connected in meaningful ways.
To participate in this program find Teresa Tam on Snapchat @ttamsoffeels and view a live stream of “snaps” throughout the duration of the lecture at the Royal Canadian Legion #1 (116 7 Ave SE).
Dream Lectures on the City / Adriana Disman (Montréal, QC)
What do you dream for your city, for your community? How do dreams move from the imaginary into the actual? How can we re-understand ourselves as makers of politics, rather than swept along in the current of something outside of ourselves?
I invite you to take me on a walk to a place that is significant for. A place that you dream something else for. While we walk, you can tell me your dreams for that place. Dreams of protests and revolution, dreams of magical creatures, of holding your lover’s hand, or breast feeding in comfort, or smoking cigarettes, or the end of time, or just to access somewhere you can’t. All dreams, mundane and spectacular are welcome. What you tell me will be our Dream Lecture. I will treat it like a gift you’ve given me. I will transform something of that lecture into an action that infiltrates the city and lingers after we’re gone.
Meetings will take place during the day on Friday, September 5 and Saturday, September 6. To book a meeting, please email with the subject heading “Dream Lectures: Meeting” and your availability.
I Would Like to Revolutionize But I Am Stuck With Reform II / Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte (Vancouver, BC)
I Would Like to Revolutionize But I Am Stuck With Reform II is a durational performance that will take place throughout the Calgary downtown on September 6, 2014. This work examines the format of the lecture through the lens of activist actions and public intervention strategies that insert text in public space as means of communicating an idea, a claim, a denunciation or an opinion. These tactics disseminate condensed messages–often in the form of easily readable and understandable text bites–that express dreams: for a better society, for justice and equity, for change, for revolution.
See Intersite website for further details and locations (

Keynote Address & Reception
@ #1 Royal Canadian Legion
            116 7 Avenue SE
            Saturday, September 6, 2014
            7:00PM – late
Doors open
7:00 PM
Keynote Address
The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me / Jen Delos Reyes (Portland, OR)
7:30 PM
Join artist Jen Delos Reyes for a one night performance and artist talk in collaboration with local Calgary musicians. Her keynote address will be delivered throughout a set list of songs they will perform together that reference dreams, utopian leanings, relationship breakdowns, and leading a meaningful life. The songs will serve as anchor points to discuss her own socially engaged art practice, as well as content to contemplate collaborative impulses, and the potential artists have of imagining new ways of being in the world together.
The Debaters
8:30 PM
Walter Phillips Gallery at The Banff Centre, in collaboration with Intersite Visual Arts Festival, present an evening of buoyant criticism around the topic of bad art. Two teams of artists, critics, and bon vivant panelists will demonstrate their critical athleticism armed only with their own taste, wit, and capacity to blag.
In tune with the history of rival critics, a moderator will be charged with the task of mediating two teams, arguing for and against a selection of artworks. Each team member will be allotted up to one minute to state their individual cases, followed by four minutes of charged debate. Ruckus audience participation is encouraged.
DJ Dance Party
9:30 PM
Intersite Visual Arts Festival would like to thank the following funders for their support of the festival’s organizations and projects: The Canada Council for the Arts, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Calgary Dollars, The Calgary Arts Development Authority and The City of Calgary.




Join us at 7:00 PM in Stanley Park for the performance of Le Moat Juice by Ray Fenwick with our CAMPER in collaboration with ONE NIGHT STAND's Western Canadian Wandering Albatross Tour.

The CAMPER will be in the parkinglot off Riverdale Ave and 4st SW by the fire pits. BYOBBQ to this event! 

Google Maps Location

Le Moat Juice, a group of short, inter-related performance works somewhere between experimental comedy and performance art. The pieces that comprise Le Moat Juice focus with an absurd intensity on attempts to communicate with others, with one’s self and with the divine. If masterful communication can show us the heights of human potential, then Le Moat Juice can, haha idk etc etc.



TRUCK is pleased to present an open forum discussion in collaboration with our recent exhibition Cecil Hotel by Calgary-based artist Mark Clintberg.

The Cecil Hotel Open Forum will include presentations by Cynthia Bird, Son Edworthy, Tomas Jonsson, TracyRay Lewis, and John Rowland that will touch on their work and experiences in fields related to the Cecil Hotel context. The presentations will be followed by a group discussion during which the audience will be invited to contribute their experiences and ideas. The artist of Cecil Hotel, Mark Clintberg, will also be present at the event to discuss his work and answer questions.
This event aims to provide an opportunity for open and inclusive conversation relating to the subject of the Cecil Hotel, and places like it, as well as stimulate discussion that will work to build support for communities impacted by displacement, and encourage participation in movements that support these communities. The discussion will be free to attend and open to all.
Mark Clintberg’s Cecil Hotel is a sculptural artwork and anti-monument for the defunct Calgary hotel of the same name. While the closure of the hotel might seem, from a public relations point of view, to clean up downtown Calgary, it may also be used as a veil that obscures more complex conflicts of social class, sexuality, gender, race, and ethnicity associated with – but not limited to – this site. Cecil Hotel refers to the ongoing challenges facing constituents of Calgary, including differing understandings of the use of public space by citizens of different social classes and the endemic problems associated with violence in public space, people who live without homes, substance use, and the disappearance of indigenous women and youth - issues that The Cecil Hotel came to represent in the public imagination.[1]

Cynthia Bird is Cree from the Peguis First Nation in Manitoba, Treaty 1 Territory, residing in Calgary since 2004. She is an educator, with 34 years of experience working with not-for-profit organizations, governments, post-secondary institutions, Elders, First Nation communities, urban Aboriginal and mainstream organizations in the following areas: research respecting urban Aboriginal peoples and homelessness, curriculum development related to Treaties and the Treaty relationship, evaluations related to domestic violence, and training that promotes cross-cultural understanding and balanced historical perspectives. She continues her work in Alberta and Manitoba as an Independent Consultant and volunteer Senator with the Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary.
Son Edworthy believes that to address complex problems we need to think more about equity, undoing systemic barriers for diverse participation in decision-making. Son has worked as a landscaper and gardener, a support worker with persons with disabilities, as an arts facilitator and a community-based research coordinator. Son currently works with CommunityWise Resource Centre, an affordable, inclusive community space for Calgary grass-roots and non-profit organizations.
Tomas Jonsson is an artist, curator, and writer interested in issues of social agency in processes of urban growth and transformation. Jonsson has produced several projects in Calgary addressing the city’s urban transformation, including sites such as The East Village and Hillhurst Sunnyside. He has also curated, presented, and performed work in Canada and internationally, including Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto), Suvilahti (Helsinki), and MoKS (Mooste, Estonia).  He is currently the Artistic Director of the Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival (Southern Alberta).
TracyRay Lewis is a member of Poverty Talks! and as such is involved in anti-poverty, anti-oppression advocacy and work. She is also a Humanities (multi-disciplinary) tutor, a voluntary community/PAR researcher, and a chronic TWD (The Walking Dead) Fan. Not necessarily in the exact order given. She is also a person with lived experience of homelessness and is interested in topics related to healing homeless trauma.
John Rowland grew up in High River in the shadow of the Canadian Rockies.  He graduated from the University of Calgary with a BSC in Civil Engineering.  Since 1996, John Rowland has worked at the Drop In Centre, where he is presently the Director of Data Systems.  John has spent many hours talking with DI clients, many of whom also were patrons of the Cecil Hotel.  John is the co-author of a report on the impact of the loss of housing options such as the Cecil Hotel with Dr. Kneebone from the Calgary School of Public Policy.


Thank you to the Arusha Centre, Calgary Dollars, and the Calgary Foundation for their support with this project through their Take Action Grant program. Venue provided by Calgary Public Library ♥