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U-Hall is a new community space in Calgary, located above and administrated by Truck Contemporary Art Gallery. Providing an affordable venue for just about anything that Calgary artists, cultural organizations, or art interested general public might need is our main objective.
U-Hall is dedicated to providing a respectful, inclusive and non-hierarchal space to host your events. Proposals to rent U-Hall that are counter to our own mandate (please see www.truck.ca) or encourage violence, hate or oppression will not be considered.
Offering approximately 404 square feet of floor space and 73 linear feet of wall space U-Hall is available for whatever you might need: Lectures, Workshops, Classes, Sales, Gatherings, Meetings, Screenings, Performances, Weddings, DIY-exhibitions - and just about anything else that you can think of.
U-Hall’s rental rate is$800 per month, $250 per week or $50 per day. Financial sponsorship by TRUCK Contemporary Art through the waiving of rental fees is available for a select number of proposals per year. If you or your group is interested in or in need of sponsorship please fill out the optional ‘sponsorship’ field in the U-Hall Rental Request Form.

U-Hall Rental Form
Events in this series

TMC artist-mentors are professionals who volunteer their time to share their skills and love of art with the homeless and at-risk. Enjoy insightful visual artwork by mentors, clients, and special guest artists. Talent and diversity of expression meet social justice. Exhibit continues to April 19.

Friends and Mentors: a curator’s message

In 2008 when This is My City (TMC) first started doing art programming with the homeless community, I became a TMC artist-mentor because I wanted to figure something out. I wanted to understand the complicated feelings I associated with homelessness. With no real idea what ‘the homeless community’ was, I soon had my eyes and my heart opened up wide. And in the process everything changed.

I am still surprised by the talent and creative drive that is so prevalent in TMC programs. I shouldn’t be - whether someone owns a house or calls a shelter home does not determine their gifts - artists are people driven to create. In the best circumstances, the line between mentor and mentee is ambiguous. It’s kind of like Calgary’s 2013 flood when Drop-In Centre residents and people with tony homes in Elbow Park were all equally evacuated, some suddenly homeless and others simply more homeless than they were before. The flood and water theme running through this exhibit can be read as a metaphor for washing away the boundaries that separate ‘us and them.’ Perhaps in the aftermath of crisis, we can rebuild our community with fewer stereotypes and more humanity.

Together, Sally Truss and I curated this exhibition and we would like to thank the Calgary Drop-In Centre for its ongoing support of TMC programming and all the artists who work out of its Wild Rose Studio where so much creativity happens. Thanks also go to TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary for lending us this space so that we can bring these artworks together and share them with you.

Linda Hawke
Exhibition Co-curator

The exhibit will feature the flowing artists:

Bill, mixed media paintings
Max Ciesielski, photographs of the Calgary 2013 flood
Barry Credico, paintings on canvas
Linda Hawke, mixed media work on canvas
Eveline Kolijn, printmaking
Chester Lees, watercolour paintings
Patricia Lortie, acrylic paintings
Cat Schick, Digitally altered photographs
Margot van Lindenberg, textile applique