Main Space/Parkade/U-Hall

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TRUCK’s Main Space is located at 2009 10 Ave SW in the community of Sunalta, occupying a street level 1319 sq. ft. gallery space. This space is programmed through an annual call for submissions and curated projects initiated by TRUCK’s programming committee. The Main Space hosts eight exhibitions per year, each 4 weeks in length, all in line with TRUCK’s mandate of presenting innovative and diverse projects that foster a dialogue around contemporary art. In addition to our main gallery space TRUCK also operates a small 200 sq. ft. black box project space. This space is programmed on an ongoing basis, presenting works in progress, temporary projects, and new media works, when resources allow.

Main Space

The Main Space is a street level 1319 sq. ft. gallery space, programmed through an annual call for submissions, as well as by curated exhibitions through our programming committee. TRUCK hosts eight exhibitions each year in this space and accepts applications from professional artists only. TRUCK’s definition of a professional artist is someone who has:

*completed his/her basic training (or the equivalent)
*produced an independent body of work
*presented their work in a professional context
*maintained an independent professional practice for at least one year.

Undergraduate students currently enrolled in school, college or university are not eligible to apply, however this restriction only applies to our main space only and students are welcome to apply to our +15Parkade, and CAMPER programs.  Graduate students are eligible only if they meet TRUCK Gallery’s definition of a professional artist.


The Parkade Space is a 200 sq.ft. black box, project oriented space perfect for works in process, small installations, and video screenings. Currently this space is programmed on an ongoing basis and we welcome proposals for this space year round, although programming is subject to the availability of resources.


Offering approximately 404 square feet of floor space and 73 linear feet of wall space U-Hall is an affordable venue open to Calgary based artists and arts organizations on a short term basis. Available for whatever you might need: Lectures, Workshops, Classes, Sales, Gatherings, Meetings, Screenings, Performances, Weddings, DIY-exhibitions, Funerals, Bar Mitzvahs, Coven Meetings, etcetera, there are a number of sponsorship opportunities (the waiver of user fees) available for the use of this space subject to our application process. Contact us for more info: engagement(at)