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CAMPER (Contemporary Art Mobile Public Exhibition Rig) is a 1975 Dodge Empress motor-home, modified to become a portable public exhibition and project space.  CAMPER’s mandate is to investigate the places where art, the road, education, and recreation meet, and to explore these intersections in an inclusive, participation-oriented manner that fosters public engagement and appreciation of contemporary art practices.
CAMPER initially started out hosting the popular Patch Project. After three successful years, CAMPER was reinvented as a project-based residency program that offered artists the unique opportunity for artistic exploration and public engagement.

Currently CAMPER is hosting an outdoor screening series called Dumbfounded by Nature with the Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff, another year of Bike-in Cinema! & a unique version of Strange Relations in Lethbridge with the SAAG.

Bike-in Cinema is an outdoor screening series hosted by TRUCK Gallery’s CAMPER (Contemporary Art Mobile Public Exhibition Rig) presented in partnership with some of Calgary’s finest film, production and new media organizations.Using the CAMPER as a site for projection, Bike-in Cinema is a collaborative celebration of film, animation and media that encourages exploration of Calgary’s urban environment. Set in the various locations of the Calgary outdoors, Bike-in Cinema invites all to cycle towards the CAMPER for a night full of animation and film!

Strange Relations is an innovative program featuring a series of bilateral lectures on unrelated topics. Part intellectual battle royal & part anti-symposium, Strange Relations invites experts from different fields to speak about what they know best. Following the lectures, a participatory discussion will take place where audience members are tasked with finding connections between the two subjects through the questions they ask.


Main Course Discourse
Presented by TRUCK
July 8 @ 8pm
Stanley Park
Big Blocks of Ice and Why Bees Are Nice
Presented in collaboration with the Souther Alberta Art Gallery
July 18 @ 7pm
Popson Park Group Picinic Shelter, 5801 - 10st W / Lethbridge
A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness
Presented in collaboration with the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers
July 22 @ 8pm
Riley Park
Dumbfounded by Nature
Presented in Collaboration with the Walter Phillips Gallery
July 26 @ 8pm
Central Park, Banff
Time Farmers
Presented in collaboration with Quickdraw Animation Society
August 29 @ 8pm
Royary Park