JULIAN zwack

Julian Zwack is a media artist based in Calgary, Alberta and undergraduate student at the Alberta College of Art and Design.His artwork explores human cities of the Anthropocene attempting to break down our collective fantasy as a species ascended from the animal order. His artwork examines concepts of animalism, post-humanism and nomadic theory, in his chosen mediums of glass casting, CAD sculpture and video art.



Ken Buera, Secretary

Louisa Fodil-Cherif, Treasurer

Mike Garth, Chair

Taylor Harder

Shauna Thompson

Justin Waddell

Julian Zwack


Ginger Carlson, Executive Director

Kablusiak, Interim Programming Coordinator

Missy LeBlanc, Emerging Curatorial Resident


2009 10 Avenue SW
Calgary AB
T3C 0K4


+1 403 261 7702

Our Main Space and Parkade galleries are located on the main floor of the building. The U-Hall is located on the second floor. The washroom is gender neutral and barrier free.