Le Moat Juice

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CAMPER in Stanley Park

Runs from July 24, 2015 to July 24, 2015

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Join us at 7:00 PM in Stanley Park for the performance of Le Moat Juice by Ray Fenwick with our CAMPER in collaboration with ONE NIGHT STAND's Western Canadian Wandering Albatross Tour.

The CAMPER will be in the parkinglot off Riverdale Ave and 4st SW by the fire pits. BYOBBQ to this event! 

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Le Moat Juice, a group of short, inter-related performance works somewhere between experimental comedy and performance art. The pieces that comprise Le Moat Juice focus with an absurd intensity on attempts to communicate with others, with one’s self and with the divine. If masterful communication can show us the heights of human potential, then Le Moat Juice can, haha idk etc etc.


Ray Fenwick

Ray Fenwick is an interdisciplinary artist working with video, performance, sound and typography. His work is an often playful attempt to initiate alternative relationships with language and voice. He has an undergraduate degree from NSCAD and an MFA Degree from the University of Manitoba. He has participated in residencies at Struts Gallery (NB), Plug-In ICA (MB), and Owens Art Gallery (NB). He has exhibited, performed, and screened work in both Canada and the U.S., and he has spoken about his work at galleries, conferences and universities in both countries. He has received grants from Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts Council and Nova Scotia Culture and Heritage. Recent works are Le Moat Juice—an ongoing experimental comedy solo performance—and Talk for People—a participatory performance that turns an audience into a mass of “choral speakers”. He is currently developing the next iteration of Le Moat Juice to take out on tour.

In addition to his solo practice, he also collaborates with other artists. Foster & Fenwick is an ongoing project with Nova Scotia artist Eryn Foster that explores the awkward overlap between self-help, spirituality and art. Pastoralia is an art and dance music hybrid that acts as a meeting point between the practices of Fenwick and Mitchell Wiebe. Pastoralia has performed at various venues, most notably at the opening of Mass MoCA’s Oh Canada exhibition. At__________ was a performance art and music project with Nova Scotia artists Aaron Weldon, Sophia Erdahl and Mitchell Wiebe, developed during a residency in 2013 at Plug In ICA. Fenwick is represented by Katharine Mulherin Art Projects in Toronto.



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