Minor Injury Exchange Show

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Main Space/Parkade/U-Hall

Runs from February 28, 1992 to March 24, 1992

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TRUCK: an artist-run centre is pleased to be hosting an exhibition of recent work by emerging New York artists, entitled Minor Injury. 

This exhibition is the first half of an exhcnage of work and artists between Calgary, Alberta, and Brooklyn, New York, an was conceived by Calgary artist and TRUCK board member Jeff Norgren, and Hal Friedlander, Coordinator of Minor Injury, a New York-based artist-run centre. Part two of this exchange will see Calgary artists depart to New York for a three-week studio residency, culminating with an exhibition at the Brooklyn gallery.

Although, due to current economic constraints, no New York artists will be accompanying their work, TRUCK is hopeful that this exchange will not only be the first step toward the creation of a studio relationship between the artists involved, but also a networking device between both centres.

Minor Injury

Minor Injury (Major Insult), an artist-run alternative space, opened in 1985 at 1073 Manhatten Avenue in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area of Brooklyn to serve "the creative voices of those operating outside of the mainstream." Minor Injury chooses to maintain of small informal structure and organizational format to avoid the intricate economic dependencies with which larger organizations are encumbered. "Our intention is to provide alternative exhibition facilities for artists who, for whatever reason, have not adapted to the existing system in New York." Their focus is on artists whose work reflects an engaged concern with racial, cultural, political, and social minorities, and artists who are recent immigrants from troubled or developing countries. Minor Injury is run by Mo Bahc and presents exhibitions and open forum slide seminars.