Strange Relations #7: Collecting Legal Tender & Consenting Kinky Pleasure

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Royal Canadian Legion #1

Runs from April 16, 2015 to April 16, 2015

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TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary presents Collecting Legal Tender & Consenting Kinky Pleasure, the seventh installment of Strange Relations. Pairing Calgary based Artist Kris Lindskoog speaking about coin collecting, paired with with Calgary based Dominatrix Lady Seraphina, speaking on kink and communications.

Join us Thursday, April 16th at 7:00PM - Upstairs at the Royal Canadian Legion #1. 116 7th Ave SE, Calgary, AB. Attendance is free but the Legion has 2 rules, no hats, no swearing!

Strange Relations is an innovative program featuring a series of bilateral lectures on unrelated topics. Part intellectual battle royal and part anti-symposium, Strange Relations invites experts from different fields to speak about what they know best. Following the lectures, a participatory discussion will take place where audience members are tasked with finding connections between the two subjects through the questions they ask.

Lady Seraphina

I have been kinky as far back as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I was 19 that I began to play. It wasn’t long before BDSM was a huge part of my life, although it took a back seat to other things for a few years.  In early 2006 I had the opportunity to restructure my life, and was able to make play a huge priority. I’m ever so glad I did. I have tried many activities, and continue to do so, keeping an open mind on all things, even those I personally don’t enjoy, though I only engage in forms of play that interest me.  I attend workshops to develop new skills, though I am not very active in the local community, as I am a private person. 

My sadistic nature has surprised me as it grew.  Years ago I would never have thought I would be able to laugh while caning someone's bottom most cruelly, yet now I routinely do.  I do have limits, including causing bodily harm such as internal injuries or broken bones. I also have a hard limit regarding scat (fecal matter).I enjoy helping you develop your skills as a submissive or slave along with your comfort level in what you do.

I very much enjoy my visits with my subs, but it is also important that you never get the idea that romance is on the horizon – at least not between the two of us. I have a husband I love very much, and that is non-negotiable. I do not engage in sexual play outside of my relationships with him, with the notable exception of pegging (strap-on) and other anal play.

I use a mix of sarcasm and sweetness that may be surprising to those expecting to play with an über-bitch, but for most this is something easily adjusted to. For those who are looking for a bitch-Domme, or to be verbally degraded, their search will not end with me.  Some playful verbal humiliation and embarrassment is fine, however.

Kris Lindskoog

KRIS LINDSKOOG is an artist living and working in Calgary, Alberta. Lindskoog uses an open-media approach to his work, which includes drawing, sculpture, installation and collecting. He has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally