Voices: Community

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Runs from February 6, 1998 to March 31, 1998

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Voices is a collaborative art project that brings together members of the Street Speaks Committee, artists from TRUCK Gallery, and a group of homeless people from the Calgary Drop-In Centre with support from the City of Calgary, Community and Social Development. This is the second show in TRUCK's multi-faceted project entitled Community in hich artists and community based groups collaborate in the creation of works of art exploring issues and themes of importance in our urban environment.

Community allows participants to voice their concerns, articulate their experiences and explore their creativity. The project aspires to break down feelings of isolation and division while promoting the notion of interconnection.

Art serves many purposes, many functions. Voices is a compilation of consensus meetings held at the Calgary Drop In Centre through the months of November, 1997 to February, 1998. Participants were asked to verbalize their feelings, experiences, and proposed solutions to the phenomena of homelessness in a rich city, country, and world. 

Solutions, like the objects half-buried in the snow, may also be found in careful study of the participants reactions to themselves and others surrounding them. Solutions therefore may lie half-buried in our attempts to come to grips with our situation and condition. Viwers are left to discern and to place their own feelings toward our homeless citizens, to find their own meaning in the objects and video display, and to arrive at their own solutions to the problems plaguing North America.

The video runs over one hour and the viewer is not expected to observe all of it in one viewing. The participants of Voices want you to share their stories, experience, and suggestions of solution.