Virtual Capacities

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Main Space/Parkade/U-Hall

Runs from June 1, 2012 to June 28, 2012

Opening reception Friday June 1, at 8:00 PM

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In Virtual Capacities, John G. Hampton explores the space between potential and actual as the site of creative/philosophical production. Employing techniques of “virtual photography” Hampton recreates images from art history, physics, philosophy and elsewhere that recede into an anonymous monochromatic void. The images recreated here lack their accompanying captions, codices and translations, each requiring a different specialization to “crack”, leaving little room for any suppositions of a comprehensive reading, while providing a plethora of potential entry points.

VIRTUAL CAPACITIES / John G. Hampton from TRUCK Gallery on Vimeo.

John G. Hampton

John G. Hampton is an Artist/Curator from Regina, Saskatchewan. He is currently the Canada Council Aboriginal Curator in Residence at Neutral Ground Contemporary Art Forum, and a member of the artist collective Turner Prize*. In the past year he has exhibited both as a solo artist and with Turner Prize* at LIVE Performance Art Biennial in Vancouver, First Nations University Gallery in Regina, Visualeyez Festival in Edmonton, Open Space in Victoria, the Ottawa Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Regina, Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John’s, Gallerywest in Toronto, and The New Gallery in Calgary. Hampton is also an active writer and social health researcher/filmmaker.