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Runs from July 1, 2009 to July 31, 2009

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TR:AFICC (Temporary Resident: Artists for Innovative Contemporary Culture)

This summer TRUCK is proud to introduce our new residency program, Temporary Resident: Artists for Innovative Contemporary Culture (TR:AFICC) that will be run out of CAMPER, TRUCK’s Contemporary Art Mobile Public Exhibition Rig. After three successful years of The Patch Project, CAMPER has been reinvented as a home away from home for artists, hosting three thematic residencies, with each lasting one month.   During the summer months these residencies will provide a space for artistic exploration and public engagement by three contemporary artists. Please join us this summer as we relaunch CAMPER, and get caught up in TR:AFICC!  



 Presented in conjunction with Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival (M:ST 4.5) & The Good Life Community Bike ShopSpecial thanks to The Alberta Printmakers' Society.

Schedule of Events:

WED July 8, 6PM to 8:30 2 Hillhurst/Sunnyside Community Centre

Come and join us at the Calgary Dollars Potluck and meet Jessica Thompson. 

SAT July 11, 12PM to 5PM @ Alberta Printmakers' Society 

Join us at Beta test for a potluck and a chance to share what you have been working on with our artist in residence. 

SAT July 25, 1PM @ Eau Claire Festival Market 

Make a bicycle-mounted noisemaker with TRUCK artist-in-residence Jessica Thompson during the Bikehack + Soundride workshop, register by emailing

THU July 30, 7PM @ The Good Life Bike Shop

Make a bicycle-mounted noisemaker with TRUCK artist-in-residence Jessica Thompson during the Bikehack + Soundride workshop, register by phoning M:ST 403.837.6678
FRI July 31, 5:30 -- meet @ Eau Claire Plaza

Bring your Bikehack + Soundride noise maker to July's Critical Mass Ride.

SAT Aug 1, 2:30 PM -- Located @ TRUCK Gallery 815 1st Street S.W. Calgary, T2P 1N3

Join Kelly Andres and Jessica Thompson for artist talks.

Jessica Thompson is featured in TR:AFICC as part of M:ST 4.5 Ride On!; which is a series of bicycle-based artworks appearing throughout locations in Calgary, featuring Kelly Andres, Marc Delude, and Tender Mountain Clan in addition to Thompson. Please click HERE for a full schedule of M:ST 4.5 events!


Bike Hack + Soundride = Good Times by Trevor Howell

Art Goes Off-site and Gets Active by Bob Clarke
Akimblog: Calgary by Dick Averns
TR:AFICC by Mark Stowbridge


Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson is a new media artist whose projects explore social interactions within public space through sound, performance and mobile technologies. Her projects have been shown in exhibitions and festivals such as New Territories, (ARCO 2005, Madrid) MACO, (Mexico City) dp003, (Dundee, Scotland) ISEA 2006 , (San Jose, CA) the 2006 Conflux Festival, (New York), Kunsthallen Brænderigården, (Denmark) InterAccess Artist Run Centre, (Toronto) and Video Pool (Winnipeg)