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Main Space/Parkade/U-Hall

Runs from September 8, 2006 to October 7, 2006

Opening reception Friday September 8, at 8:00 PM

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tag”, a collaborative project by artists Erin MacMillan and Shelley Ouellet created for TRUCK Gallery, reflects this definition of the word ‘tag’ but in this collaborative project the ‘tag’ identifies not an object but the ties and networks that bond us all together in the arts community. The project seeks to identify a community and network of people who support the gallery and artist-led initiatives.
To acknowledge this important contribution, new and established, past and present, supporters and members of TRUCK Gallery will receive a telephone call or a note in the mail from either Shelley Ouellet or Erin MacMillan.  Recipients are invited to come to TRUCK gallery after the opening reception on September 8th to receive their individually “tagged” gift.  Once at TRUCK Gallery, recipients will be guided by gallery staff to their personal numbered edition gift.  TRUCK staff will pull their gift from the installation and recipients will then sign, ie “tag”, their name on a gallery wall in place of the gift they are taking away with them.  The gift acts as Ouellets and MacMillans way of saying thanks to those who support TRUCK and reintroduce past supporters to the gallery, almost as if re-igniting a TRUCK love affair. This process and unique experience from start to finish encourages participation, conversation, integration, reconnection, feeling of community, and much more between the artists, recipients, and TRUCK Gallery.  These experiences are the real gift that participants will take away with them.
This exhibition features the work of local sculptor and new media artist, Shelley Ouellet who has had a significant impact on the Calgary art community through her professional practice, involvement in artist-run centres, and role instructing at the Alberta College of Art & Design. For this exhibition TRUCK asked Ouellet to select a young emerging artist to share the exhibition, and her choice was emerging Calgary artist, Erin MacMillan. The purpose of this exhibition is to foster collaboration and mentorship between an established artist and an emerging artist framing the scope of contemporary collaboration in the local art community and furthering dialogue between generations of artists.

...you're it by Diana Sherlock


For me? Why, you shouldn't have! by Anthea Black

Shelley Ouellet

Shelley Ouellet is a Calgary-based visual artist working in site-specific installations in a variety of media. She has exhibited across Canada and internationally. Educated at the University of Calgary and Stride Gallery, Shelley has taught at the Alberta College of Art and Design and currently works as a freelance design with such arts organizations as onedge.tv. Her work was recently exhibited at Stride Gallery in Calgary and at the Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina and she runs the newly opened Carpet 'N Toast gallery.


Erin MacMillan

Erin MacMillan (Calgary,AB) is an interdisciplinary artist residing in Calgary, AB. Born in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, she is currently completing her BFA at the Alberta College of Art and Design. She primarily exhibits work in the form of interventions, installations, drawing and sculpture.