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HY DRA TION Call for Visual Artists

  • TRUCK MAIN SPACE 2009 10th Avenue SW Calgary Canada (map)

The HY DRA TION Collective is seeking proposals from artists and/or collectives to create an immersive installation for the next HY DRA TION event on Saturday, May 25, 2019 at TRUCK Gallery. The artist/collective will work with HY DRA TION Collective to create the event’s theme and will receive support and compensation for their installation. Successful proposals will complement our dance-party-art-liquids atmosphere and create an environment that will keep the vibes going all night. Please be aware that HY DRA TION is a party, there will be moving bodies, liquids, and music!

~~~Who We Are~~~
HY DRA TION is a recurring queer dance party known for our water themed events and signature free infused water. Come quench your thirst on the dancefloor with us!

The HY DRA TION Collective is a Calgary-based collective of artists and activists committed to supporting LGBT+/Queer/Two Spirit voices and communities by hosting events that promote cultures of safety, diversity, collaboration, inclusion, and self-expression within our city. Through partnerships with local artists, allied not-for-profits, and artist-run centers we seek to support our local social justice, LGBT+/Queer/Two Spirit, and artistic networks and provide platforms for creative opportunities in nourishing, accessible and energizing spaces.

~~~The Venue~~~
The artist/collective will have the entirety of TRUCK Gallery available for their installation. These spaces include:
- The Main Space: a 1300 sq.ft gallery home to HY DRA TION’s juicy heart - the dancefloor.
- The Parkade Space: a 200 sq.ft. intimate and enclosed white box next to the Main Space, typically acting as our chill zone.
- Transitional spaces such as the entry, bar area, and washroom.

While we encourage applicants to consider connecting all of the spaces together in an immersive proposal, the HY DRA TION Collective will support the artist/collective in any space needed. Example: You don’t want to curate the washroom? We got it! We want this to be a collaborative process and we’re here to support you as much as we can.

~~~The Fees~~~
As our Artist in Residence you will receive an artist fee of $380.00. Please note that the artist’s fee will be split between members in the case of a collective application. In addition, you will also receive a materials budget of up to $200.00. We encourage a sustainably-conscious proposal, recyclable and reusable materials are a plus!

~~~The Application~~~
Please include the following in your submission.
1 - The name(s) of the Artist/Collective. Pronouns & astrological signs are optional but appreciated :) :)
2 - A clearly defined overall party theme. Must be water related in some way, as literal or abstract as you desire! Past party examples: bubble bath, swamp, 90’s pool party, space ice, sublimation.
3 - Provide a proposal describing your installation concept. Please detail how you will utilize the various spaces in TRUCK Gallery, and how your proposal supports HY DRA TION’s dance-party-art-liquids environment. The installation can consist of work that has already been produced.
4 - Outline your proposed material requirements to a maximum budget of $200.00.
5 - Provide one or more visual documents that support your proposal. Examples: An image or sketch of the proposed installation, a still from a video piece, a link to a pinterest inspirational mood board, a sketched floor plan, etc.
6 - Any relevant information on your practice that supports your proposal, such as Resume/CV, examples of your previous work, links to website or artistic social media, swimming lesson badges, etc.

Please submit applications to: by the deadline of 11:59 pm MST, Sunday April 7th 2019. Please format all written materials as a single .pdf document. Support documents must be labeled with the applicant’s name and a descriptive title. Images should be no larger than 3 MB in size. Links to video and audio work hosted online are acceptable.

If you have any questions or require any clarifications do not hesitate contact us through email, facebook or instagram. We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions and working with you! Stay hydrated!

Instagram: @hydrationparty