Artist Talk | Chester Brown | August 27, 1988


The controversial nature of Chester Brown's comic series "Yummy Fur" has Diamond Comics, the largest independent distributor in the U.S., refusing to carry it. This is despite the fact that Yummy Fur has received critical aclaim from comic journals in both the U.S. and Canada. Chest Brown is vehemently opposed to Bill C-54. He has appeared on CBC's "The Journal" as a spokesman against the seizure of certain comic books from Comic Legends, a Calgary comic shop. He is one of the people behind "True North," an anti-censorship fundraiser comic created as an answer to Comic Legends legal problems (the trial is scheduled for this fall). Chest Brown comes in conclusion to Second Story's "A Collaboration against Censorship," an exhibition of local artists who are concerned about the implications of Bill C-54.  

Chester Brown

Chester Brown, born in Montreal, is a well-known comic book artist currently working in Toronto, Ontario.