CJSW Onsite: Listener Appreciation Week | Performance | April 26, 2018



CJSW Listener Appreciation Week!
Thursday April 26, 2018 / 4PM – 7PM
TRUCK Main Space (2009 10th Avenue SW)

Join us on April 26 from 4PM – 7PM as we host an on-site broadcast with CJSW as part of their Listener Appreciation Week.

Alternative To What? / 4PM - 6 PM
Enticing, sometimes challenging, music from the vast underground for thirsty ears and enquiring minds: post-punk, instrumental, math rock, avant, jazz, electronic, indie, funk and global grooves. Kerry has been mashing up independent, non-commercial sounds that cross disciplines and decades since 1987.

Bitchcraft / 6PM - 7PM
Join Hayley as she brews a potent concoction of femme-forward tunes.

KUSAMA - INFINITY | Performance | April 16, 2018


We're very pleased to be a Community Partner, alongside Sled Island, for the Calgary Undergound Film Festival's presentation of KUSAMA - INFINITY


KUSAMA - INFINITY explores artist Yayoi Kusama’s journey from a conservative upbringing in Japan to her brush with fame in America during the 1960s. As a Japanese woman attempting to permeate the white, male-dominated art scene of New York, Kusama was very much an outsider. Her fierce determination and artistry was often overlooked by the press during her formative years even though her work rivalled — and arguably influenced — that of Andy Warhol. Many years later Kusama’s work is finally commanding the attention it deserves.

The 15th Calgary Underground Film Festival runs April 16 - 22 // see for a full listing of events

TRUCK Members receive a discounted ticket // email for more details



Sundance 2018


Passionate about documentaries and biography films, Heather Lenz is a short film director and researcher. Since earning her MFA in Cinematic Arts from USC, Lenz has worked on film and television projects in various roles including as a researcher and producer on programs for The History Channel, Food Network and PBS.

ISHI: The Archive Performance | James Luna and Sheila Skinner | October 22, 2016

Saturday, October 22, 7:00 PM

Written and performed by James Luna and featuring artist Sheila Skinner, ISHI: The Archive Performance tells the story of Ishi, an Indigenous man who walked into the small northern California town of Oroville. His sudden appearance inspired fright, laughter, and pity from the populace. The civic leaders contacted an anthropologist who came to the conclusion that Ishi was in deed the last of his tribe. It was decided that for his welfare and for the advancement of science that he would occupy the Museum on the University of California Berkeley’s campus, where he lived out his remaining years as a living specimen.

The archives suggest there is more to this story, which has never been told. James Luna has created a performance that explores this significant life. Many questions about Ishi’s experience, both mysterious and uncomfortable are evoked by this performance. Ishi’s story remains as a grim reminder of Western fascination with Indigenous cultures and its detrimental disregard of humans, forgetting that we are all sentient beings.

ISHI: The Archive Performance is presented in partnership with The University of Calgary Faculty of Arts, Department of Art and Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival.

James Luna

Internationally renowned performance and installation artist James Luna (Puyukitchum/Luiseno) resides on the La Jolla Indian Reservation in North County San Diego, California. With over 30 years of exhibition and performance experience Luna has given voice to Native American cultural issues, pursued innovative and versatile media within his disciplines, and charted waters for other artists to follow.  His powerful works transform gallery spaces into battlefields, where the audience is confronted with the nature of cultural identity, the tensions generated by cultural isolation, and the dangers of cultural misinterpretations, all from an Indigenous perspective.

Since 1975, he has had over 41 solo exhibitions, participated in 85 group exhibitions and has performed internationally at venues that include the Museum of Modern Art (NYC), Whitney Museum of American Art, New Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Canada, and Museum of Contemporary Native Art, Santa Fe, NM.

He has received numerous grants and awards throughout his career and most notably in 2005,  he was selected as the first Sponsored Artist of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian presented at the 2005 Venice Biennale’s 51st International Art Exhibition in  Venice, Italy. In 2012, James was Awarded Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, NM.

Sheila Skinner

Sheila Skinner is of Filipino/American born to a Filipino mother and father of American of English decent. Sheila’s previous work has concentrated on her questions and concerns of identity, cultural and religious doubt, and what it means to be an Amer-asian in urban San Diego, CA. Her skills of working with elementary students come across in her performance, object making and her own education goals, which are many.

Performing the Landscape | Zackary Drucker and Ming Wong | September 22 to November 12, 2016


Landscape is one of the most evocative tropes in Canadian visual culture, a popular genre and a cliché that often insist on conventional and stereotypical representations of the country. It is nevertheless a most powerful subject matter still very much appreciated by practitioners and audiences alike. Generations of artists have attempted to capture and depict the sensation of being overpowered by the majesty or beauty of the natural environment time and time again.
Performing the Landscape proposes to look at new ideas of landscape through the lens of contemporary art, in particular, the moving image. Each work selected introduces elements of performativity into the ‘natural environment’ and links landscape and performance via different categories: theatre; actions; happenings; cinema; music; circus; etc. In all these works the landscape is a temporarily occupied space, at least for the duration of the action at the centre of each piece, and yet it resists the pressure of simply shifting to the background.

Performing the Landscape is curated by Lorenzo Fusi and features the work of the following artists:

Illingworth Kerr Gallery: Miruna Dragan and Jason de Haan, Mikhail Karikis, Hans Op de Beeck, Sara Ramo, Julian Rosefeldt

Contemporary Calgary: Janine Antoni, Cyprien Gaillard, Taus Makhacheva

Glenbow Museum: Bill Viola

Stride Gallery: Ragnar Kjartansson

TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary: Zackary Drucker, Ming Wong

Performing the Landscape is presented in partnership with the Illingworth Kerr GalleryContemporary CalgaryGlenbowStride Gallery, and TRUCK Contemporary Art.

Zackary Drucker

Zackary Drucker is an artist who breaks down the way we think about gender, sexuality and seeing. Her participatory art works complicate established binaries of viewer and subject, insider and outsider, and male and female in order to create a complex image of the self. Drucker uses a range of creative devices that all strive towards the portrayal of bodily identity, her own and that of others, obsessively infusing visual media, photographs, videos and performance art, with acute, masochistic emotional compulsions. Conceiving, discovering, and manifesting herself as a woman in the wrong world, her work is rooted in cultivating and investigating under-recognized aspects of transgender history. She earned an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 2007 and a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2005. She has performed and exhibited her work internationally in numerous museums, galleries, and film festivals including the 54th Venice Biennale 2011.

Ming Wong

A well-known installation and video artist in the international art arena, Ming Wong has showcased his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions as well as screenings at prestigious locations including the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, House of World Cultures in Berlin, and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.  His works have also been shown in many parts of the world such as Australia, Austria, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, United States of America and at home in Singapore.

The Gender Apocalypse | Rae Spoon and Plastik (Alexandre Decoupigny) | August 3, 2016


This outdoor participatory performance by Rae Spoon and Plastik (Alexandre Decoupigny) will invite the audience to dress up in ways representative of what a gender apocalypse means to them personally. The show will be multi-layered, with sounds consisting of guitar, vocals and electronic elements, as well as a projected media collage as a backdrop. This project is designed both to create conversations about gender and to highlight gender as a performance by providing a space for community participation where that performance is both interrupted and accentuated.

Rae Spoon and Alexandre Decoupigny have a ten-year history of artistic collaboration. Alexandre has contributed electronic arrangements to four of Rae’s past full-length albums. In 2009 Rae and Alexandre created a public art piece in Berlin called Worauf Wartest  Du?, a song-cycle created out of field recordings, writing collaborations and experiences relating to a planned U-Bahn train line in Berlin that was never built. Rae and Alexandre have also facilitated workshops on creating electronic music using computers and Ableton Live.

Buffalo Boy’s Battle of Little Big Horny | Performance by Adrian Stimson | October 11, 2008


This video installation and performance will parody Buffalo Bill’s recreation of the “Indian Wars” in his Wild West show, specifically the “Battle of Little Bighorn”. In essence it will be a re – recreation, like a rumor gone wild a la Buffalo Boy, Adrian Stimson’s performance alter ego. This performance will loosely follow the film “Little Big Man”, specifically the battle scene in which Colonel George Armstrong Custer makes his last stand.

Adrian Stimson is a member of the Siksika (Blackfoot) Nation in southern Alberta. He is an interdisciplinary artist with a BFA with distinction from the Alberta College of Art & Design and MFA from the University of Saskatchewan. Adrian is currently Associate curator at the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon. At the Mendel he also completed both the aboriginal curator and artist in residence through the Canada Council and Saskatchewan Arts Board. Adrian is a session instructor at the University of Saskatchewan and has written articles in Blackflash magazine and several Mendel publications. An interdisciplinary artist, Stimson has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. 

An Evening of Poetry and Song | Group Exhibition | June 11, 1990


On Monday, June 11 1990, there will be local poets and musicians performing at TRUCK: an artist-run centre. The performances will include the work of Heidi Ho, Joan Leask, Peggy Ward, Ed Clarke, Christina Willings, Leila Sujir, Mark Washeim, and Ann Loree.

Performance | Grant D. Poier, Chuck Stake, M. Vänçi Stirnemann | February 21, 1990


A collaborative performance evening.

Grant D. Poier

Chuck Stake

M. Vänçi Stirnemann

M. Vänçi Stirnemann is a visitiing artist in residence at The New Gallery from Zürich. Switzerland.