Land of a Thousand Lakes | Graham Krenz | December 2, 2011 to January 26, 2012

Land of a Thousand Lakes is an arbitrary pixel of space and time that combines geometry, found and handcrafted objects. These objects interact through form and material to create a landscape of desaturation and manipulated perspective.

SPIN | Robbin Deyo | October 21 to November 24, 2011


SPIN is a result of Deyoʼs recent exploration of new technology focusing on formal elements of movement, sequencing and layering in the time-based media of video. Exploring multiples, repetition and form, SPIN is series of animations and collection of 7905 Spirograph drawings.

prismirage | Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett | October 7 to November 24, 2011


prismirage is a multi-directional crystal manipulation installation mimicking the movement of light through water. Using refraction, reflection and pools of water to redirect the light from a digital projector, prismirage will utilize the geometry of the +15 Window Space to create the illusion of shimmering depths, somewhere just behind the glass.

Point-of-presence | Group show curate by Mikhel Proulx | September 9 to October 6, 2011



Juliette Bonneviot, Martin Kohout, Constant Dullart (Berlin, DE), Alex Delany (New York, NY), Jan Robert Leegte (Amsterdam, NL), Jon Rafman (Westmount, QC) & Eva Schindling (Montreal, QC). Curated by Mikhel Proulx (Calgary, AB)

Point-of-presence pulls together a survey of artistic experience of the internet and observes how communication technologies have altered public space and cultures of display. The project, curated by Mikhel Proulx, can be seen as a re-entering of exhibition space with conceptions of the art object reformed by conditions of the internet.

Return to the Dollhouse | Brandon A. Dalmer, Jim Laing, Stephen Nachtigall & Dimitra Polychronis | August 5 to September 29, 2011


Return to the Dollhouse is a collection of four small-scale installations, each viewable from a single peephole. Through each of these peepholes, the viewer will be invited to look into the mystery and wonder that lay behind the closed doors of the dollhouse, as each artist creates their own alternate reality.

Sensible Obsession | Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell & Emily Rosamond | July 8 to August 4, 2011


Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell will create a harmonious, immersive, yet obsessive environment based on an updated motif of the “Toile de Jouy.” Exploring the spatial arrangement of mass-produced materials, Emily Rosamond will create a large sprawling multi-tiered platform that will be arranged with a collection of small sculptures and consumer items.

Obdurate Objects | Heather Close | June 3 to July 29, 2011


Using ordinary materials to create the unordinary and unidentifiable, Obdurate Objects is a series of structures that examine the interior and exterior, finished and unfinished, constantly negotiating themselves in a transitional state.

Machine for preserving the wind | David Bynoe | June 3 to June 30, 2011


Translating natural movements into an abstract mechanism, Machine for preserving the wind is a kinetic sculpture that will fill TRUCK’s gallery space. Drawing inspiration from nature, Bynoe recreates the movement of prairie grass blowing in the wind using wooden poles that sway freely on pivots, put into motion by a mechanical cam.