TRUCK: Studio Exhibition | Group Exhibition | December 6 to December 20, 1991

The 10 studio members will be in control of the gallery space for 2 weeks, and will be presenting a diverse and eclective variety of work for the public to view. The artists featured in the exhibition are Gregg McCaffrey (selected by Cynthia Boisvert), André van Pelt (selected by Wendy Allen and Courtney Andersen), Jill Armstrong, Karla Pearce, John Burrill, Heather Neu (selected by Karen Loza-Koxahn) and Norman D. White.

A Day Without Art - World AIDS Day


On November 30, 1991 five of Calgary's artist-run centres will participate in the World Health Organisation's annual event, World AIDS Day. This year's universal theme is "Share the Challenge," with the North American grassroots effort being called "Day Without Art". 

TRUCK: an artist run centre, Stride Gallery, and The New Gallery will be open to the public and will have posters covering but not obstructing their doorways. Syntax Art Society and EM/Media will have sandwich boards posted outside their locations. The message of the posters and sandwich boards will be to celebrate the achievments of colleagues and friends, while mourning those already lost to use, and to challenge all to recognise the AIDS pandemic, realizing that no one is immune. Red ribbons will be given to all who attend in an attempt to symbolise the unification of many voices seeking a meaningful response to the AIDS epidemic - a symbol of hope.

Failure | Cynthia Boisvert | October 4 to October 26, 1991


"Failure" took shape during a walkthrough at a local laboratory which concluded in an area where they kept tanks of trout fry. Adjacent to this was a small room in which experiments were conducted on these creatures. Here, fry are placed in plastic five gallon pails, each containing samples of industrial effluent. The arrangement of the room was comprised of floor to ceiling tin sheets which was lit by fluorescent light. The result was oppresive despite the knowledge that this room was built specifically to comply with regularations regarding the humane euthanasia of animals.

One such rule required that the door close automatically, effectively blocking the fish in the holding take from seeing those dying in the pails, and another entailed the covering of these pails with cheesecloth to stop fish trapped in effluent from committing suicide. 

Death is a subject that has directed the course of Boisvert's visual practice. The death of her grandmother made her realize that one's own process of dying begins when one is witness to the death of another. This is a moment which, for a brief period, all that seems intangible becomes clear. The architecture of this space stands as an example of our institutionalized concept of death. 

Cynthia Boisvert

Cynthia Boisvert holds a diploma from the Alberta College of Art, where she graduated in 1986 with distinction as a Painting major with a minor in Sculpture.

Re-Presenting Friends | Sylvia Ziemann | November 1 to 30, 1991


"Re-Presenting Friends" is a collection of paintings by Sylvia Ziemann. The artist asked eight of her female friends to choose a woman, real or fictional, that she felt kinship with or had been influced by. Ziemann then, in negotiation with each person, created a painting that combined the friend with the admired woman. The exhibition also includes representative works made by the friends themselves.

This exhibition is curated by Diane Dickert.

Sylvia Ziemann

Sylvia Ziemann is educated at the Alberta College of Art (diploma in Fine Arts, 1979-1983), the University of Calgary (1984-1985), the Banff Centre School of Fine Arts (1985), and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax (Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1985-1986).

From this Broken Hill | Group Exhibition | September 7 to September 30, 1991


An outdoor sculpture exhibition at Graceland (2639-48th Ave S.E.) featuring works by: Jorge Boldt, Neil Callaghan, D-S-P, Janet Hardy, Laura Keith, Kaj Kovela, Shamas Malik, Katy McKelvey, Laurie Odnokon, Shelley Oullet, Michael Ryan, Sanda Tivy, Dan Wiebe, Sian Woodward, and Michael Zeindler.

Middle Class Pictures | Wayne Giles | September 6 to September 29, 1991


Wayne Giles

Wayne Giles has been living and working as a professional Artist in Calgary for over 20 years. He has exhibited at TRUCK, The Stride Gallery, The Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Muttart Public Art Gallery, the Glenbow Museum, Paul Kuhn Fine Art amoung others.

Diagnosis | Andy Fabo | July 5 to July 29, 1991


During the month of July, TRUCK will be hostin an exhibition by Toronto artist, Andy Fabo. This is a re-mounting of "Diagnosis," an exhibition that was curated by Karen Scoonover for the Rosemont Art Gallery in Regina in September of 1990. The work in the exhibition evolved out of discussions about aspects of Andy's recent work dealing with AIDS and how an exhibition of such work could speak to a community.

By layering large-scale drawings on translucent mylar over communited based AIDS prevention posters and brochures, Andy endeavors to envelop the activist response with a more subjective view. The blueprint doubling of the images is an analogue for human temporality, as blueprints deteriote visibly over time.

This exhibition stands witness to the AIDS epidemic from the view of a gay male.

Andy Fabo

Born in 1953, Andy Fabo went on to study at the University of Calgary, Alliance Française exchange, and the Alberta College of Art. 

Spirit of the Métis | Don Robertson | June 7 to June 29, 1991


TRUCK: an artist run centre will be opening an exhibition of artwork by Calgary artist Don Robertson. The show combines historical and contemporary interests of spirituality wihin the Métis culture. 

The installation consists of a series of backlit glass faces which are mounted in the 24 side of three octagonal boxes suspended from the ceiling of the gallery. Light projected through cast glass faces disperses colour onto the walls of the gallery as well as a flag hung on the back wall. Coming from behind the flag is an audio tape loop of the writings of the Sioux chief Black Out. 

The artist will be in attendance at the opening to discuss the spiritual significance of his work. This exhibition is a marker for a turning point in the artist's career and his search for his own cultural roots in Métis tradition. 

Don Robertson

Don Robertson is a Calgary artist who has been working in various media, including printmaking, assemblage, and collage, for over a decade. Robertson is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art with a diploma in Painting and Printmaking.