From the Roof | Group Exhibition | December 7 to December 21, 1990



In 1989, Second Story Art Society changed the gallery name to TRUCK: an artist run centre, and relocated to 1010 6 Ave S.W. where a gallery and eight studios were constructed. Since then, the studios have been consistently occupied. The exhibition will present works by Karla Pearce, Joyce Fraser, Cynthia Boisvert, Karen Maetche, Wendy Allen, Greg Holmes, Katherine Nicholls, Andrew Fergus, Karen Fergus, Jeff Norgren, and Maureen Gilkison. 

The night of the opening reception will also feature the gallery's annual Christmas Bash, featuring the New Guinea Pigs. Cover $4. 

Cover, Girls | Mina Totino


Selected for TRUCK by Mary Scott, Mina is a painter who advances her critical interest through discourse pertaining to painting criticism. Mary states: "Here is a work that shirts the propriety of dogma or school, and one that gains leverage by slow, sure examination and evaluation." 

Cover, Girls is a publication of Mina Totino's work. Poisonous materials, vertiginous compositions, confused claustrophobic space add up to accusations of wrongdoing; breaking and entering, robbery and, who knows, maybe even murder. Her work prompts an investigation of the artist's expose of the conundrum fixed as femininity. 

Mina Totino

In the early 1980s, Mina was a member of the New Romantics in Vancouver. She graduated from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1982, and has since exhibited throughout Canada.

Horses and Riders | Violet Costello

Throughout the month of September, TRUCK will be exhibiting in its space an artist by the name of Violet Costello. 

The main concern of this exhibition is to convey a sense of the fast, exciting motion of the horses, and the feeling that the riders are both controlling and being carried away by the horses. They are not beings of this world, but of another - an acient world of memory and dreams, from which real horses and real riders in this world seem to have evolved. They are suspended in the gallery at just the moment before they would have charged around the corner, down the hall, and perhaps down the back stairs and into the parking-lot, all in a moment.

Costello has achieved this sense of motion, this high adrenaline wild charge, through the use of bright, unusual colours, and through the simplified, yet correct form of the figures. She emphasizes the forward thrust which occurs at the instant when all the legs are off the ground and the bodies launch ahead. The semi-circular formation, reminiscent of the curve of a race track, also contributes to the sense of speed.

The riders cling onto the horses with wild abandon. Painted illusion on three-dimentional surfaces, and reverse perspective, contribute to the energy of this piece.

Violet Costello

Although Violet Costello was born in England, she was brought up in Calgary, where her friends and family still live. She went to art school at Emily Carr in Vancouver, and she is currently finishing her Masters of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal. 

Twist | Kathy Brock and David Ratcliff | August 10 to September 2, 1990

The exhibition, "Twist," was curated by Mark Dicey and Jeff Viner. The curators set out to survey the local art community to test a premise they have held for some time: that there is a tendency towards mixed media/assemblage art works being produced in our community, using the "found object". Dicey and Viner believe that historically, the found object and the tradition and practice of its use within art-making processes has had a significant influence on art-making in the region.

The work of the two selected artists, Kathy Brock and Dave Ratcliff, are perfect examples of the type of work the curators set out to examine. In fact, it indicates a carrying on of the tradition as this is the first/major exhibition of either of the two artists' work.

The curators feel strongly that both of these young artists, Brock and Ratcliff, are making unique and important work within this community. 

Kathy Brock

Kathy Brock graduated from the Alberta College of Art in 1989. She uses materials such as rusted metal and ivory lace to create linear structural forms, speaking to her thoughts on feminist theory.

Dave Ratcliff

Dave Ratcliff completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Calgary in 1989. He uses a multitute of materials such as old and new wood, tar, wax, leaves, and other debris to create solid imposing works which speak of the tradition of minimalism and figure/ground relationships.

Mark Dicey

Mark Dicey has been pursuing his diverse artistic practice for over twenty five years encompassing visual art (painting, drawing, sculpture, installation), performance art, sound and music. The work itself is very much process driven and all the disciplines he works in feed into and off of each other into a multifaceted practice. Dicey lives and works in Calgary, AB. and is represented by Jarvis Hall Fine Art.

Jeff Viner

Jeff Viner’s maintains a diverse artistic practice, ranging from found object collages, assemblages and performance art to more traditional work, such as naturalistic painting.

Fear of Others | Group Exhibition


During the month of July, several Calgary art spaces and other community groups will feature events dealing with the issue of racism in hopes of promoting discussion and raising public awareness of this important topic. 

Opening July 10th at 8 P.M. and running to the 28th of July, an international and local exhibition of visual art will be shown at both The New Gallery and TRUCK Gallery. The shows include painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and mixed media works. Renowned international artists like Leon Golub and Nancy Spero, Hans Haacke, and Klaus Staeck have sent works, as have Canadian artists like Nobuo Kubota, Leslie Poole, and Chris Creighton -Kelly. Works from Africa, El Salvador, Japan, and India were also received.

There is also a strong local component to the exhibition. George Littlechild will be showing a colorful painting on paper referring to his Plains Cree heritage. Joane Cardinal Schubert, also of native background, will be installing a mixed media work. Elizabeth Lemoine and Michel Demuth, both young local artists, have produced sculptural works in mixed media which deal more metaphorically with the issue of racism. Lemoine's work parodies the elegant trappings of imperialism, while Demuth examines the down-to-each effects of economic differences. Jackson Mitchell will also be showing his photographs of the Lubicon Lake blackage last year as well as portraits of band members.

The project originated in Vancouver under the direction of Claudine Pommier and Ed Varney, whome curated an international reslonse. A portion of the original show will be displayed alongside a local componant. 

An Evening of Poetry and Song | Group Exhibition | June 11, 1990


On Monday, June 11 1990, there will be local poets and musicians performing at TRUCK: an artist-run centre. The performances will include the work of Heidi Ho, Joan Leask, Peggy Ward, Ed Clarke, Christina Willings, Leila Sujir, Mark Washeim, and Ann Loree.

Twin Lives - Double Vision | Catherine Collins


The artwork in this show creates a narrative of a fictional pair of Siamese Twins. The work investigates this condition in terms of cultural reaction (to the Twins). Eng and Cheng Bunker and Violet and Daisy Hilton proved to be excellent models for this task. 

Artist's Statement: 

"Just suppose you found yourself doubled and joined: twice as creative with two times the appetites. Think of all the everyday problems that you would encounter. Two would never be lonely but each would never be alone. Who would be your friends? How would you travel? What if one of you didn't like Chinese food? How would you make a living? And, what about sex? A lot of other Siamese twins have struggled with the answers to these questions: Eng and Cheng Bunker, the original "Siamese Twins"; Violet and Daisy Hilton of movie and vaudeville fame, and many other twins of today. The images in this exhibition are the places and memories which evoked my personal Siamese twins. The works are dedicated to all the twins of the past and present and celebrate their enviable talent at the creative compromise. We invite you to share in our story."

-Catherine Collins

Catherine Collins

Catherine Collins is an artist and conservator currently living and working in Winnipeg, Manitoba.