Jim put new things in Truck | Jim Goertz

Second Story Art Society is please to open its new exhibition facility "TRUCK: an artist-run centre" with a collection of new works by Calgary artist Jim Goertz. This exhibition, entitled "Jim Put New Things in Truck," will look at the artist/intellectual's role in the community. This relationship is examined through an irreverant perception of daily issues such as politics, education, and religion. The artist works comfortably in a variety of mediums, having exhibited painting, installation art, performance art, and most recently audio production. The works for this exhibition will include kinetic paintings and assemblages that examine the nature of our community in a rather straightforward way.

Jim Goertz

Jim Goertz graduated with a diploma in Painting from the Alberta College of Art in 1984. He has also studied at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Okanagan College in Fine Arts foundation.

Musicians | Group Exhibition | September 23, October 28, and November 18, 1989

Three musical performances by emerging musicians in Western Canada.

September 23, 1989
Bob Day/Cam Millar Quintet
An assortment of new compositions which explore each musicians roots in Western Canada.

October 28, 1989
Eric Stach
A solo saxophone concert of improvised music acto and soprano. 

November 18, 1989
The Imagineers
Recent Songs, The Gall The Gall, Eight Points of Light and the Cherry Disease, This is Nevada Calling, Procter Boulevard

Bob Day/Cam Millar Quintet

Bob Day (Flugelhorn, Composer) has long been a part of the Canadian music scene. He was an original member of Rob McConnell's Boss Brass and has toured with Chuck Mangione and Paul Anka. Bob recently studied with Bob Brookmeyer and Carmine Caruso in N.Y. City on a grant from the Canada Council. 

Cam Millar (Trombone, Composer) is a graduate of the U.B.C. music programme and a former student of knowned trombonist/composer Dave Robbins. He has also studied with Ian McDougall while working in Toronto. Cam's performances include the Count Basie Orchestra, Bob Brookmeyer, Doc Severinson, and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

John Hyde (Bass, Acoustic, and Electric) is well known in Alberta as a premier bassist. His many credits include Tommy Banks, P.J. Perry, Bob Stroup, Gary Guthman, Bob Erlendson, Eric Friedenberg, and the Olympics opening and closing ceremonial music under Tommy Banks.

Miles Jackson (Keyboards) adapts himself to any musical situation, and has worked with Bob Brookmeyer at Jazz City, Tommy Banks with the Calgary Philharmonic, and led the 'Band du Jour' as the studio band for CBC's Olympic Late Night Live during the '88 Winter Olympics. 

Mike Mattson (Drums) has been a busy audio-visual producer, jazz, rock, and R&B drummer, synthesizer and drum programmer, and also currently works with singer-songwriter Lorn MacLachlan. 

The Imagineers

The Imagineers are a young Edmonton Band who specialize in confrontational music. This emerging band combines themes based on everyday action into an eclectic sound.

Robin Hunter (Guitar, Vocals) is the founder of World War Three D, a five-piece band which played extensively in Edmonton for two years. He has also worked as a DJ for the University of Alberta radio station CJSR. Outside of the Imagineers, his most recent project is the creation of an underground music magazine called OK Mag.

Lonnie Oullette (Guitar, Vocals) is a graduate of the Grant McEwan music program.

Darin Rufiange (Drums, Vocals) has extensive experience with many Edmonton club bands such as the Nexx'd. 

The Imagineers have appeared in various Edmonton clubs and events including the Multi Purpose Rumpus Room at the Rock Against Apartheid concert, The Ritz diner, CrackerJacks. In Calgary, they have appeared at the Westward and they were featured at the Big Acoustic GA in April 1989. 

Eric Stach

Since the early 1970's, Eric has conducted educational music workshops, children's concerts and seminars in public schools and colleges. The school music workshops demonstrate the art and history of free improvisation, the evolution of jazz styles, and offer a spontaneous, creative approach to the techniques of modern music composition. He illustrates the traditional as well as experimental qualities of the saxophone (alto and soprano) and informally discusses new approaches to improvisational music.

Wear * In * Lies | Michel Demuth | August 31 to September 24, 1989

For the perusal of passersby, Michel Demuth will create a personal critique of the established "pretentiousness" of certain visual languages.

The basic principles of existence can be seen in all things, all things being equal in a relative sense. 

Elaboration and definition serve only to deter from the truth I seek.


Michel Demuth

Michel Demuth attended the Alberta College of Art from 1984 to 1988. 

Methodologies (Patterns): The Expanding Field

An exhibition of paintings by Susan Balz, an artist presenting living and working in Montréal. The paintings consider historically the language of painting and laguage itself as it relates to ways of thinking, defining, and being, and in particular they are concerned with a moment of Modernist discourse which is seen as latent in the present. The artist will present large unstretched canvases which explore pluralism and continued acceptance of the modernist tradition. 

Susan Balz

Susan Balz is currently attending Concordia University in the M.F.A. program. She has previously studied at the University of Calgary, Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, the Banff Centre School of Fine Arts, and the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Ontario. She also acted as Programming Coordinator at the 2nd Story Gallery from November 1987 to August 1988.

West | Celine Godberson | July 6 to July 30, 1989

Celine Godberson presents a fun-filled evening as she premieres her recent videotape, "West." Pop imagery and poetic interludes create an audio-visual exploration of themes of heroism, aspiration, and navigation. This Calgary artist will attempt to answer the ever-pressing question: What survival gear should I pack for this adventure?

Celine Godberson

Celine Godberson is a media artist from Calgary who recently graduated from the Alberta College of Art. She has recently exhibited at A-Space in Toronto, and was a performance artist at "Media Blitz" in November. 1988, a new media arts festival co-sponsored by The New Gallery, Second Story Gallery, and EM/Media. 

The Maverick Kid | Rick Sealock | July 6 to July 30, 1989

Howdy howdy hi little buckaroos and banzais!!!!!

It's time for the Cowboy Rick show featuring those rootin' tootin' post-post modern cowboy works of art. These works further extend the boundaries of the cowboy genre, helping us to see them in an entirely new light. Soooo... stay tuned and rustle up some friends to take in the new show. Hi ho silver away.......Rawhide.......Yippee!! Second Story Gallery is proud to present that l'il horn swoogler Rick Sealock in the window space. See yah there!!! 

Rick Sealock