The Seven Deadly Sins | Kevin Kurtynik and Mark Lang | September 1 to September 25, 1989


Webster's Dictionary defines sin as "an offense against religious or moral law." The framework for this show, the medieval "sevel deadly sins," consistutes an effective way of encapsulating the spectrum of making's foibles into second categories: gluttony, pride, anger, list, greed, jealousy, and sloth.

Each artist, through the use of collage, paint, pencil, and various other media, seeks to come to grips personally with the various corrupting agents of the human soul, which, no matter how hard we try to supress them, will always remain a part of us. 

The Second Story Gallery is pleased to present a Gallery Talk with Kevin Kurytnik on September 22nd at 2:00 p.m., who will be discussing with gallery visitors the various pieces in the exhibition. 

Kevin D. Kurytnik

Kevin Kurytnik was adopted in 1966. Two years before, he was born at the General Hospital in Norquay, Saskatchewan. He has only recently found out that his mom who he has lived with until he went to The Alberta College of Art to study Visual Communications in 1982 is biologically his Aunt and that one of his Aunts on his Father\'s side is his mom. Undoubtedly this will be great fodder for an autobiographical film some day.

Until the inspiration for that film hits he keeps himself busy making other independent short animated films and teaching animation to all ages, mostly through the Quickdraw Animation Society.

Mark Lang

Mark Lang graduated from the Alberta College of Art Visual Communications department in 1987. He is the recipient of a number of awards and scholarships. In September of 1988, Lang will attend the School of Visual Arts in New York City to study Editorial Art and Visual Journalism.

Media Blitz | December 2 & December 9, 1988


The Media Blitz project was designed to showcase Calgary artists working in the "new" media of performance, film, and video. The extent of the festival indicates a dynamic art community engaged in a variety of experimental work. The project also brings together several artist-run centres in a collaborative effort -- the festival is organized and sponsored by The New Gallery, 2nd Story Gallery, EM/Media, and the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers. 

On Friday, December 2nd at 8:00 p.m.:
Mary Fae performs at 2nd Story Gallery
This Banff resident examines a woman's relationship to society through dramatic movement, music, slides, and video. Both the personal and the cultural become part of thie additive work. 

On Friday, December 9th at 8:00 p.m.:
"The Night of the Living Tape Recorders" at 2nd Story Gallery
Invited artists produced audio performance works, a comment on urban noise, which will be presented in an audio event this evening. 

Stolen Horses | Murray Ashley | November 22, 1988


Murray Ashley is currently in the process of creating a performance/installation which reflects his own cultural persona. This masked performance will include native singing and dance oriented sensibilities. 

This exhibition will transform the gallery into a ritual space for a performance based on the "potlatch" tradition of Noth West Coast tribes. In this tradition, the Chief would commission a play to celebrate the tribe and mock his enemies, while at the same time display his wealth and power. Murray has updated this theme to include his fascination with the several diverse native styles that combine to form his heritage.

Before and after the performance there will be an exhibition of the masks and artifacts used to bring the event to life. The performers working with Murray on his event will be a mixture of traditional and contemporary players. 

The performance will be at 8 o'clock on November 22nd, 1988. 

Murray Ashley

Murray Ashley was born in Bow Island, Alberta in 1960. His formal education consists of apprenticeships with West Coast and Ojibwe artists Doug Harper, Gene Brabent, and Norval Morriseau

Note the Music | Penny A.P. Anderson


A current installation project incorporating mixed media, featuring a plasticine portrait of Wolflgang Amadeus Mozart. Penny Anderson manipulates materials and ideas into a cynical, whimsical, and serious note of presentation. She evaluates and reiterates in Penny-Vision, and encourages audience participation. The artist will present a Gallery Talk on October 20 at 7:30 p.m. in conjunction with her show. 

Penny A.P. Anderson

Penny Anderson is a visual artist from Calgary, and a recent graduate from the Alberta College of Art. 

Artist Talk | Chester Brown | August 27, 1988


The controversial nature of Chester Brown's comic series "Yummy Fur" has Diamond Comics, the largest independent distributor in the U.S., refusing to carry it. This is despite the fact that Yummy Fur has received critical aclaim from comic journals in both the U.S. and Canada. Chest Brown is vehemently opposed to Bill C-54. He has appeared on CBC's "The Journal" as a spokesman against the seizure of certain comic books from Comic Legends, a Calgary comic shop. He is one of the people behind "True North," an anti-censorship fundraiser comic created as an answer to Comic Legends legal problems (the trial is scheduled for this fall). Chest Brown comes in conclusion to Second Story's "A Collaboration against Censorship," an exhibition of local artists who are concerned about the implications of Bill C-54.  

Chester Brown

Chester Brown, born in Montreal, is a well-known comic book artist currently working in Toronto, Ontario.

Reading | Susan Musgrave | August 13, 1988


2nd Story Gallery is pleased to present a public reading by Susan Musgrave.

The many volumes of poetry Susan Musgrave has had published since her first ("Songs of the Sea Witch") at age eighteen, have established her as one of Canada's most gifted and compelling poets. She is also the author of two novels and two books for children. Forthcoming in 1989 is a non-fiction book, "Musgrave's Landing." 

Susan Musgrave

Musgrave was raised on Vancouver Island, and has lived abroad in various countries, most recently Panama and Columbia. She currently lives near Sidney, British Columbia. 

A Collaboration against Censorship | Group Exhibition

Second Story Gallery will present a collaborative installation by 2SG board members, Robert Arnst, Lynn Crouch, Joyce Fraser, Bart Habermiller, Geoffrey Hunter, Cheryl Koprek, Judith McRae, Robert Renpenning, and invited guests Kevin Kuryrnik, Jack Miller, Yvonne McSween, Colin Krawchuk, Stephen Johnson, Carol Beecher, Wes Dauncey, Neil Callaghan, and Murray Ashley. This ongoing installation will promote dialogue within the community regarding anti-pornography Bill C-54 and its probable effects on artistic output and exhibition.

Artists will be available to answer questions and provite information to gallery visitors. As well, a panel discussion will be held at the gallery during the exhibition to further clarify the issues surrounding Bill C-54. 

Second Story's board of directors are all artists living and working in Calgary. This is an opportunity for them to come out from behind the scenes to address an issue important to themselves as well as most other local artist

Urban Myths | Karilee Fuglem Millar | July 7 to July 31, 1988


The installation, entitled "Urban Myths," will use the gallery space as a stage: false "walls" and theatrical lighting will engage the viewer as an actor/actress, yet the imageryis drawn from the area immediately surrounding the gallery, making the viewer more acutely aware of the undeniable presence and present-ness of the gallery's locale. The gallery visitor becomes both performer/participant and audience/voyeur- detached as well as implicated in the work's commentary on downtown expansion into "fringe" areas like 2nd Story's and the subsequent displacement of inhabitants from these lower-rent areas. 

Karilee Fuglem Millar

Karilee is a recent graduate of the Alberta College of Art via Ontario College of Art in Toronto and various community colleges in Vancouver. Last May and June she attended the Summer Studio Program in New York on scholarship. Her frequent moves have made her sensitive to issues of impermanence and alienation within the urban area.