Dip Strike Fold | Leah Byrne | August 9 to September 30, 2016


Dip Strike Fold is a material exploration of geography, using stones sourced from quarries throughout Alberta. Among them are those that form the urban foundation: limestone, sandstone, and granite, while the colour palette draws on stratigraphic maps of the region. Through a consideration of texture, density, and scale, the work is an attempt to understand the cross-section of earthly materials and human interpretation. It is both a response to and an imposition upon the natural qualities of the stones themselves. 

Leah Byrne

Leah Byrne is a multidisciplinary artist working in film. Sculpture and performance. Her work has been presented at the Odd Gallery in Dawson, City as well as in festivals and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. She holds a bachelor arts degree from New York University.