CJSW Onsite: Listener Appreciation Week | Performance | April 26, 2018



CJSW Listener Appreciation Week!
Thursday April 26, 2018 / 4PM – 7PM
TRUCK Main Space (2009 10th Avenue SW)

Join us on April 26 from 4PM – 7PM as we host an on-site broadcast with CJSW as part of their Listener Appreciation Week.

Alternative To What? / 4PM - 6 PM
Enticing, sometimes challenging, music from the vast underground for thirsty ears and enquiring minds: post-punk, instrumental, math rock, avant, jazz, electronic, indie, funk and global grooves. Kerry has been mashing up independent, non-commercial sounds that cross disciplines and decades since 1987.

Bitchcraft / 6PM - 7PM
Join Hayley as she brews a potent concoction of femme-forward tunes.