Let's Stay in Touch! | Fundraiser | March 10, 2018


TRUCK’s Postcard Fundraiser

Saturday March 10, 2018
7PM – 11PM
TRUCK Main Space
2009 10th Avenue SW Calgary

Join us on March 10 from 7PM – 11PM for LET'S STAY IN TOUCH, a silent-auction fundraiser including postcard-sized artwork donated by local, national, and international artists.

LET'S STAY IN TOUCH will develop crucial funds for our public programming budget with revenue going directly towards presenting contemporary artists from across Canada and internationally.

Can't make it to the event? Check out the ARTIST CATALOGUE and send us a proxy bid to director@truck.ca

Participating artists include:

Natasha Alphonse
Judy Anderson
Daniel Barrow
Alana Bartol
Ashley Bedet
Jordan Bennett
Amanda Burk
Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter
Mark Clintberg & Sondra Meszaros
Heather Close
Jason Deary
Greg Doble
Hannah Doerksen
Brenda Draney
Rachel Duckhouse
Megan Dyck
Sans façon
Yara Francken
Sarah Fuller
Randy Gibson
Katie Green
Jason De Haan
Samantha Haslam
Ursula A. Johnson
Tomas Jonsson
Daniel J Kirk
Sara McKarney
Amy Malbeuf
Rita McKeough
Nate McLeod
Hazel Meyer
Jay Mosher
Sarah Nordean
Ashley Ohman
Cassandra Paul
Laura Peturson
Anne Riley
Jerry Ropson
Sarah Van Sloten
Katie Stienstra
Sarah Storteboom
Adrian A Stimson
Zin Taylor
Ambera Wellmann
Nicole Kelly Westman
D'Arcy Wilson
Lisa Wood

PLUS we'll have a special framing deal with Kyle Beal Art Servicesavailable for your newly purchased artwork.