TWIST (Factory of Kisses and Doves) | Leigh Tennant | June 6 to August 1, 2017


Factory of Kisses and Doves is a series of exercises that explore the difference between a deductive structure and a non-deductive structure that is between construction and composition. In a non-deductive structure there will always be a leftover part, “a space that cannot be accounted for within the governing structure established by the figure.” TWIST is the first in a series of attempts to build a deductive structure in 3-dimensional space, in the legacy of the Russian Constructivist artist Karl Ioganson. Positing total transparency as hopelessly utopian, Tennant shifts the goal of these exercises away from the desire to eradicate the leftover part, towards a better understanding of how to use it…

Leigh Tennant

Leigh Tennant’s artistic practice speaks through the history and materiality of drawing and painting. She is also interested in the relation between femininity and truth, however this aspect of her practice seems to be endlessly deferred. Tennant was a founding member of the Vancouver project space TopDown BottumUp, active from 2011 - 2013. Tennant holds a BA in art history, a BFA in visual art, and an MFA in visual art from The University of British Columbia. Tennant lives and works in Vancouver.