Something From Nothing | Group Exhibition | April 7 to April 13, 2017


Something From Nothing is a collaborative, experimental installation/performance constructed over the course of two days. In sharing authorship, Something From Nothing is an exercise in trust. Each pair of artists (selected at random) will spend two hours in the gallery, responding to the materials and residue left in the space. One artist will be present for the duration of the experiment, a witness and responder to the development of a process-based work. Something From Nothing is a group exhibition featuring work by Mercedes Alexander, Alana Bartol, Rosa Campbell, Andreea Catana, Jonah Cutler, Megan Fen, Brock Green, Lusine Manukyan, Polly Orr, Jordan Schinkel and Tanisha Wesley.

FINA 450, Section F was established in January of 2017. It is comprised of ten fourth year students from the Alberta College of Art+Design and one instructor. Collectively, FINA 450 has over four decades of art making experience. The members meet every Friday at one o’clock to discuss their art practices, contemporary artwork, a collaborative exhibition, and future ambitions. Local and national artists and arts professionals have met with FINA 450 both in classroom and at local galleries and art spaces. Something from Nothing is the first public presentation of their work.