Obsolescence | Artist Talk | January 14, 2017


Please join us for an artist talk with curator Mohammad Rezaei and artists Colwyn Paddon & Justin Somjen on January 14, 2017 / 2:00 pm in the TRUCK Contemporary Art Main Space. The exhibition runs January 13 - March 4 / 2017

OBSOLESCENCE is a curatorial project by Mohammad Rezaei featuring the work of Brynn Higgins-Stirrup, Colwyn Paddon, Justin Somjen, Jim Verburg, and Joy Walker. OBSOLESCENCE brings together five interdisciplinary artists from different generations, practices, and parts of the country to explore varying notions of communication. Process, time, and space provide the foundation for deceptively simple works, which address the complicated and layered nature of language and meaning-making. Visually connected by their translucence, the work included in OBSOLESCENCE offers symbols, layers, gestures, and methods of exploring the complexities inherent in each piece, and in dialogue with another. Each artist subtly excavates these complexities through (often) emotional, personal, and intangible means.

Colwyn Paddon

Paddon is a Calgary based artist who completed his education at Alberta College of Art and Design, Canada and Falmouth University, England. Paddon’s work has been shown in Canada, England, and Scotand. Paddon is interested in Western traditions surrounding death and the physical traces left by the living during mourning. Using poetics and an interdisciplinary approach in his practice Paddon’s work often materializes longing and forms representations of death.

Mohammad Rezaei

Rezaei is an interdisciplinary Artist, Front End Developer, Curator and Arts Administrator currently residing in Toronto, Canada. His artistic practice is informed by his experiences coordinating and collaborating to make exhibitions happen. Rezaei revels in experimental approaches to making, digital and IRL display strategies, bad tattoos, selfies, and neoprene. Rezaei’s interests have led him contribute to the establishment of several exhibition spaces and art festivals, extensive involvement with artist-run centers and galleries across Canada while maintaining an independent arts and curatorial practice. His recent curatorial projects have been funded through successful grants from Canada Council for the Arts and Toronto Arts Council. Rezaei has exhibited and curated exhibitions nationally in both Commercial and Artist Run Spaces and participated in various Art Residencies including Avalanche! Institute for Contemporary art, TRUCK, Contemporary Calgary, The New Gallery, Xpace Cultural Center, and the Drake Hotel. From 2013-2016, he was the Director of Programming at Whippersnapper Gallery in Toronto.

Justin Somjen

Somjen is a Vancouver-born artist living in Toronto, primarily working with photography and sculpture. His work purposes photography and sculpture together in formal allegories, investigating the relationship between imagery and objects. Justin is interested in style, abstraction, and patterns. His work attempts to simultaneously abandon and embrace photography to arrive at a place where the medium’s essences are tested or revealed. Somjen has shown publicly in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal and received a BFA from Ryerson University in 2014.