The Gender Apocalypse | Rae Spoon and Plastik (Alexandre Decoupigny) | August 3, 2016


This outdoor participatory performance by Rae Spoon and Plastik (Alexandre Decoupigny) will invite the audience to dress up in ways representative of what a gender apocalypse means to them personally. The show will be multi-layered, with sounds consisting of guitar, vocals and electronic elements, as well as a projected media collage as a backdrop. This project is designed both to create conversations about gender and to highlight gender as a performance by providing a space for community participation where that performance is both interrupted and accentuated.

Rae Spoon and Alexandre Decoupigny have a ten-year history of artistic collaboration. Alexandre has contributed electronic arrangements to four of Rae’s past full-length albums. In 2009 Rae and Alexandre created a public art piece in Berlin called Worauf Wartest  Du?, a song-cycle created out of field recordings, writing collaborations and experiences relating to a planned U-Bahn train line in Berlin that was never built. Rae and Alexandre have also facilitated workshops on creating electronic music using computers and Ableton Live.