What Is That Unknowable Territory | May G.N. / April 6 to May 31, 2016


What is That Unknowable Territory takes advantage of the unique encapsulating properties of the +15 window spaces to convey a voyeuristic glimpse into someones uknowable emotional state of being. Glowing red text cut into the lunar surface provides a superficial instance of understanding for passers by in the Calgary pedway, allowing for a moment of shared insight between viewer and artist. Beyond that, the question remains can we really know anything about one another?

May G. N. is a queer artist based in Alberta who's work navigates the emotional territory between artist and viewer and the relationship between the artists sense of self and the incommunicable nature of emotional processes. Preoccupied with the function of distance in human interaction, the artists process is multidisciplinary, engaging in text based work, painting, photo and installation to create experiences with an implicit sense of vulnerability in interaction. Is there any love left between us? Has there ever been? These are the questions of the artist.