Skins and Shirt | Polina Teif and Shannon Garden-Smith | October 7 to November 30, 2016


The exquisiteness of the commercial image betrays its mortality in its objecthood. Folding around an uneven wall, buckling and bubbling over a storefront window or bleaching in the sun, images that were fashioned in pursuit of the ideal and eternal become public monuments to a life cycle of decay

Skins and Shirts is an installation of an ongoing photographic project by Polina Teif and Shannon Garden-Smith that returns images taken from the storefront back to the surface of the window. Comprised of photographs digitally printed on adhesive window vinyl, the installation conflates image, body, surface and material disintegration.

Polina Teif & Shannon Garden-Smith

Toronto based artist, Polina Teif, and Guelph/Toronto based artist, Shannon Garden-Smith, began collaborating together in 2009. Their work has been exhibited at the University of Toronto Mississauga, the Art Gallery of Ontario First Thursday’s, Mississauga Living Arts Centre, Gallery Stratford, Birch Contemporary, Art Metropole, Hart House, Art Museum at the University of Toronto and Nuit Blanche (Toronto).