Life in the 2 field | Robyn Moody | September 10 to October 7, 2010


In drawn animation, there are a number of different fields used for different effects. In a #2 field, for example, the drawings are done in an area approximately 2" wide x 1.5" high. A #12 field will be 12" wide x 8" high. In the larger fields, the slight differences between drawings are less detectable, allowing for smoother perceived motion. In a small field - the # 2 field, small differences in successive drawings are amplified when enlarged or projected on a large screen. Lines delineating a room, for example, have a tendency to wave wildly. 

Life in the 2 field is a project that will turn TRUCK's main gallery into a living drawing. The space will be delineated with black cord connected to motors at the room's junctions. Simple mechanical cams and levers will be used to initiate waves in the cords, animating the "drawing" of the room. The space will be intensely lit to make the physical nature of the walls of the room disappear.