Calgary ARTours | Tomas Jonsson, Cat Schick, and Sharon Stevens | April 23 to May 20, 2010


By inviting the collective public to experience and contribute to a greater shared understanding of Calgary, the artists of ARTours are subverting the idea of the auteur—the one visionary who creates experiences for others—making them akin to collaborative art shamans who create space for a transformative experience shared by a larger group of people. Tomas Jonsson’s Walk Stop, Cat Schick’s Mapping the City, and Sharon Stevens’s OX: A Crash Course on Loving Calgary are projects that have deep roots in arts activism practice, but seek a level of public engagement that goes beyond interventionist strategies and objective methodologies. In doing so, these artists open the gallery space to a wide variety of influences and interpretations, functioning like a real-life, multi-platform game played out around Calgary, bringing the activity from TRUCK out onto the street then and back again, continually adding layers of meaning.