At Variance | Marcy Adzich, Christine Cheung, & Beth Howe | May 15 to June 18, 2009

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The transitory concept of ‘Place’ is explored in the three-person exhibition, At Variance. Using the notion of the landscape as a point of departure, Marcy Adzich, Christine Cheung, and Beth Howe explore contradictory ideas of space.

Adzich develops sculptural objects that reference man-made and natural environments, evoking a sense of isolation and dislocation, while Cheung paints the space where one’s consciousness and dreams become slowly intertwined. Through sculpture built from a decidedly ubiquitous and urban material—office photocopy paper—Howe dismantles the way the built environment dictates our travel paths. The imagined and the real collide in this exhibition, creating an alternate sense of place.