Message in a Bottle | Chris Millar | February 24 to March 18, 2006

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Barf Vader, the distant and slightly queasier cousin to Darth Vader, having caught wind of a disturbance in the force, promptly changes trajectory of his Intergalactic Hot'za Delivery vessel to a small blue planet somewhere in the Milky Way. Meanwhile local radar is detecting the approach of an unidentified flying object, and anticipates it's land for the night of February 24th, somewhere in the vicinity of TRUCK Gallery, Calgary... Performed by legendary Canadian video-artist / painter John Will, Barf Vader will make a special appearance at the opening reception for Chris Millar's exhibition, Message In A Bottle. Raw Rare, obscure punk rock rippers, dished up by intergalactic DJ's Wacky Wiggler and Blood 'N Guts Babs will ring in the launch for Millar's incredibly detailed paintings. 

With an arsenal of triple zero (the smallest) brushes, Millar laboriously focuses the absurd and the whimsical into intricately detailed narrative paintings. "It is reasonable to say that my paintings are gestures of excess," says Millar taking into account the months of dedicated focus it takes to bring his comic-influenced masterpieces to life.  "I like the idea of creating a cult object, a spectacle to behold, and an outstanding achievement in the field of ridiculousness."  From Dr. Spock, to Batman, to a corpse dragged in from a creek, the colourful cast of characters in Millar's paintings are only enriched further by the parodic sit-com-like storylines that run throughout his work. Somehow his works simultaneously manage to be a tongue-in-cheek critique of popular culture, and a playful address of human awkwardness; "The paintings are about people who have bad ideas. In fact, the paintings themselves are terrible ideas."