Public in Art – Public As Art | Larissa Fassler | January 13 – February 11, 2006

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On January 13, 2006 TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary opens a new exhibition ‘Public in Art – Public As Art’ by Berlin based, Vancouver born artist, Larissa Fassler.  

Larissa Fassler’s work in this exhibition is based on interactions with the public in orchestrated situations, and on documenting these relationships and their social contexts. The photographic and video documentation of performance-based works in this exhibition include: Teen Couples I, and Teen Couples II.  In the first of the two photo/video series’ Teen Couples I, the artist asked a group of 14-year-old London teens to pose as they imagined best represented “couple-dom”. In Teen Couples II, she repeated her ‘social experiment’ with 16-year-old teens, some of them the same teens from the first series.  In both these works Fassler has built intimate visual & audio stories where we as viewers-cum-voyeurs are privy to micro-relationships of fear and awkwardness, punctuated with fleeting moments of comfort and trust. 

“Cool and confident on the one hand, blushing and insecure on the other, these teens dealt with role-play and how people view, construct and present themselves, only to have these delicate constructions betrayed by body language and emotion.” – Larissa Fassler, Teen Couples I, & II

No Contact Made: The Flower Project, is a series of images of an on-going daily performance done in Berlin, Germany, that of a random and anonymous delivery of flowers. These works are documentations of internationally performed acts reflecting the artist’s interest in games, gestures and body language; in social performance and self-construction; and in strangers. Fassler’s work raises questions as to our relationships to one another – the intimacies and complexities, the fears and strangeness, the comfort and pleasure we share.