The Time Machine | Chad Van Gaalen, Mark Feddes and Eric Hamelin | September 2 – October 1, 2005

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The often illusive and ever popular, Chad van Gaalen, in collaboration with Mark Feddes and Eric Hamelin show a dynamic combo of drawing, painting, musical performance and other treats that bring a new meaning to “multi-talented.” The exhibition runs from September 2nd to October 1st, with a reception and artist performance at 8pm, September 2nd. Opening Reception will occur September 9th at 8pm as part of ArtCity.

“The solitary hunter of the Rocky Slopes, Eric Hamelin, is one of the Earth’s rarest species! With almost no vision but sympathy for all humankind, Chad van Gaalen reports on the battlefront while monstrous tidal waves inside Mark Feddes’ brain prevent him from communicating in any other way! Together they form THE TIME MACHINE!”