Diagnosis | Andy Fabo | July 5 to July 29, 1991


During the month of July, TRUCK will be hostin an exhibition by Toronto artist, Andy Fabo. This is a re-mounting of "Diagnosis," an exhibition that was curated by Karen Scoonover for the Rosemont Art Gallery in Regina in September of 1990. The work in the exhibition evolved out of discussions about aspects of Andy's recent work dealing with AIDS and how an exhibition of such work could speak to a community.

By layering large-scale drawings on translucent mylar over communited based AIDS prevention posters and brochures, Andy endeavors to envelop the activist response with a more subjective view. The blueprint doubling of the images is an analogue for human temporality, as blueprints deteriote visibly over time.

This exhibition stands witness to the AIDS epidemic from the view of a gay male.

Andy Fabo

Born in 1953, Andy Fabo went on to study at the University of Calgary, Alliance Française exchange, and the Alberta College of Art.