A Day Without Art - World AIDS Day


On November 30, 1991 five of Calgary's artist-run centres will participate in the World Health Organisation's annual event, World AIDS Day. This year's universal theme is "Share the Challenge," with the North American grassroots effort being called "Day Without Art". 

TRUCK: an artist run centre, Stride Gallery, and The New Gallery will be open to the public and will have posters covering but not obstructing their doorways. Syntax Art Society and EM/Media will have sandwich boards posted outside their locations. The message of the posters and sandwich boards will be to celebrate the achievments of colleagues and friends, while mourning those already lost to use, and to challenge all to recognise the AIDS pandemic, realizing that no one is immune. Red ribbons will be given to all who attend in an attempt to symbolise the unification of many voices seeking a meaningful response to the AIDS epidemic - a symbol of hope.