Horses and Riders | Violet Costello

Throughout the month of September, TRUCK will be exhibiting in its space an artist by the name of Violet Costello. 

The main concern of this exhibition is to convey a sense of the fast, exciting motion of the horses, and the feeling that the riders are both controlling and being carried away by the horses. They are not beings of this world, but of another - an acient world of memory and dreams, from which real horses and real riders in this world seem to have evolved. They are suspended in the gallery at just the moment before they would have charged around the corner, down the hall, and perhaps down the back stairs and into the parking-lot, all in a moment.

Costello has achieved this sense of motion, this high adrenaline wild charge, through the use of bright, unusual colours, and through the simplified, yet correct form of the figures. She emphasizes the forward thrust which occurs at the instant when all the legs are off the ground and the bodies launch ahead. The semi-circular formation, reminiscent of the curve of a race track, also contributes to the sense of speed.

The riders cling onto the horses with wild abandon. Painted illusion on three-dimentional surfaces, and reverse perspective, contribute to the energy of this piece.

Violet Costello

Although Violet Costello was born in England, she was brought up in Calgary, where her friends and family still live. She went to art school at Emily Carr in Vancouver, and she is currently finishing her Masters of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal.