Fear of Others | Group Exhibition


During the month of July, several Calgary art spaces and other community groups will feature events dealing with the issue of racism in hopes of promoting discussion and raising public awareness of this important topic. 

Opening July 10th at 8 P.M. and running to the 28th of July, an international and local exhibition of visual art will be shown at both The New Gallery and TRUCK Gallery. The shows include painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and mixed media works. Renowned international artists like Leon Golub and Nancy Spero, Hans Haacke, and Klaus Staeck have sent works, as have Canadian artists like Nobuo Kubota, Leslie Poole, and Chris Creighton -Kelly. Works from Africa, El Salvador, Japan, and India were also received.

There is also a strong local component to the exhibition. George Littlechild will be showing a colorful painting on paper referring to his Plains Cree heritage. Joane Cardinal Schubert, also of native background, will be installing a mixed media work. Elizabeth Lemoine and Michel Demuth, both young local artists, have produced sculptural works in mixed media which deal more metaphorically with the issue of racism. Lemoine's work parodies the elegant trappings of imperialism, while Demuth examines the down-to-each effects of economic differences. Jackson Mitchell will also be showing his photographs of the Lubicon Lake blackage last year as well as portraits of band members.

The project originated in Vancouver under the direction of Claudine Pommier and Ed Varney, whome curated an international reslonse. A portion of the original show will be displayed alongside a local componant.