Twin Lives - Double Vision | Catherine Collins


The artwork in this show creates a narrative of a fictional pair of Siamese Twins. The work investigates this condition in terms of cultural reaction (to the Twins). Eng and Cheng Bunker and Violet and Daisy Hilton proved to be excellent models for this task. 

Artist's Statement: 

"Just suppose you found yourself doubled and joined: twice as creative with two times the appetites. Think of all the everyday problems that you would encounter. Two would never be lonely but each would never be alone. Who would be your friends? How would you travel? What if one of you didn't like Chinese food? How would you make a living? And, what about sex? A lot of other Siamese twins have struggled with the answers to these questions: Eng and Cheng Bunker, the original "Siamese Twins"; Violet and Daisy Hilton of movie and vaudeville fame, and many other twins of today. The images in this exhibition are the places and memories which evoked my personal Siamese twins. The works are dedicated to all the twins of the past and present and celebrate their enviable talent at the creative compromise. We invite you to share in our story."

-Catherine Collins

Catherine Collins

Catherine Collins is an artist and conservator currently living and working in Winnipeg, Manitoba.