The Leaden Echo and The Golden Echo | Jill Armstrong | May 4 to June 2, 1990

Starting May 4th at 8 P.M. TRUCK will host an opening for local artist, Jill Armstrong. Her exhibition, entitled "The Leaden Echo and The Golden Echo" will be at TRUCK until June 2nd.

The artist takes the title of her exhibition from a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins; a poem by which the poet depicts the tenuous relationship between dispair and beauty. A relationship which finds its contemporary parallel in the misrepresentation of woman in the media. To Jill, this particular poem epitomizes the process of "losing faith and regaining it, although in a different form."

Jill Armstrong

Jill Armstrong is a Calgary-based artist. She spent a year studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1988.