Cover, Girls | Mina Totino


Selected for TRUCK by Mary Scott, Mina is a painter who advances her critical interest through discourse pertaining to painting criticism. Mary states: "Here is a work that shirts the propriety of dogma or school, and one that gains leverage by slow, sure examination and evaluation." 

Cover, Girls is a publication of Mina Totino's work. Poisonous materials, vertiginous compositions, confused claustrophobic space add up to accusations of wrongdoing; breaking and entering, robbery and, who knows, maybe even murder. Her work prompts an investigation of the artist's expose of the conundrum fixed as femininity. 

Mina Totino

In the early 1980s, Mina was a member of the New Romantics in Vancouver. She graduated from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1982, and has since exhibited throughout Canada.