Methodologies (Patterns): The Expanding Field

An exhibition of paintings by Susan Balz, an artist presenting living and working in Montréal. The paintings consider historically the language of painting and laguage itself as it relates to ways of thinking, defining, and being, and in particular they are concerned with a moment of Modernist discourse which is seen as latent in the present. The artist will present large unstretched canvases which explore pluralism and continued acceptance of the modernist tradition. 

Susan Balz

Susan Balz is currently attending Concordia University in the M.F.A. program. She has previously studied at the University of Calgary, Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, the Banff Centre School of Fine Arts, and the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Ontario. She also acted as Programming Coordinator at the 2nd Story Gallery from November 1987 to August 1988.