Hey Sucker! | Kamil Krulis | April 28 to May 28, 1989


Second Story Gallery will be presenting a series of large posters entitled "Hey Sucker!" in the front window space.

Krulis' work explores the notions of manipulation and subversion of audience, in this case through the use of a public space to confront the viewer into a questioning of what the function of the gallery is, and where we develop our understanding of these functions. With these poster works, Krulis tackles the restrictions of style and trend within the art world. He uses the tools of mass media to subvert the conventional belief that the "art making" (painter) is a gifted individual in our culture. He also explores the paradox of exposing myth while developing one's own myth in the struggle to succeed as an "art star". Krulis adopts a confrontational stance in order to allow the audience access to this method of critical commentary. 

Kamil Krulis

Kamil Krulis is a Calgary based artist.