Sculpture | Daniel Birnie


"For the past few years, I have been interested in figurative sculpture," says the artist, "after abandoning constructivism and, later, direct imitation of nature. Through the use of the figurative form, I invite not just observation but participation. I strive to move the viewer beyong academic study to a dialogue that ranges from the purely formal to the philosophical."

The dramatic pieces are cast cement, some with welded steel or found object bases, and are figurative representations of Birnie's interest in the sculpture of acient cultures. The works are deliberately confrontational, yet quiet. They are aggressive, yet yielding. Above all, they invite reaction, and it is the intention of the artist that this reaction produces a strong empathy for the sculptures. 

Daniel Birnie

David Birnie is a graduate of the BFA program at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and has studied at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. After taking part in group shows in both Edmonton and Guadelajara, Birnie's works were recently on display at Harthouse in Toronto.