4 sisters | Diane Landry | January 12 to 29, 1989

Picture? Sculpture? In-between?

Québec artist Diane Landry works on the borderline between picture and sculpture. This is accomplished through paintings which occupy space by revealing their volume, and through sculptures which offer their different surfaces for interpretation. 

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition "4 sisters," Diane Landry and Jocelyn Robert will present an audio performance of two excerpts from their work: "7 Catastrophes," which is based on mathematician Rene Tom's typological theory of limits.

Diane Landry

Diane Landry holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Laval University in Québec. In collaboration with architect Jocelyn Robert, Landry was the winner of the sculpture competition "L'evenement Sculpturel 1987" in Ste-Foy, Québec. She has also shown her work at Obscure Gallery, Quebec, at Kingston Artists Association Inc. in Kingston, Ontario, and Université Laval Gallery, Québec. 

Jocelyn Robert

Jocelyn Robert, an architect/musician, has a solo album on Recommended Records in 1988, and has participated in many compilation works in Canada and abroad.