A Collaboration against Censorship | Group Exhibition

Second Story Gallery will present a collaborative installation by 2SG board members, Robert Arnst, Lynn Crouch, Joyce Fraser, Bart Habermiller, Geoffrey Hunter, Cheryl Koprek, Judith McRae, Robert Renpenning, and invited guests Kevin Kuryrnik, Jack Miller, Yvonne McSween, Colin Krawchuk, Stephen Johnson, Carol Beecher, Wes Dauncey, Neil Callaghan, and Murray Ashley. This ongoing installation will promote dialogue within the community regarding anti-pornography Bill C-54 and its probable effects on artistic output and exhibition.

Artists will be available to answer questions and provite information to gallery visitors. As well, a panel discussion will be held at the gallery during the exhibition to further clarify the issues surrounding Bill C-54. 

Second Story's board of directors are all artists living and working in Calgary. This is an opportunity for them to come out from behind the scenes to address an issue important to themselves as well as most other local artist