Urban Myths | Karilee Fuglem Millar | July 7 to July 31, 1988


The installation, entitled "Urban Myths," will use the gallery space as a stage: false "walls" and theatrical lighting will engage the viewer as an actor/actress, yet the imageryis drawn from the area immediately surrounding the gallery, making the viewer more acutely aware of the undeniable presence and present-ness of the gallery's locale. The gallery visitor becomes both performer/participant and audience/voyeur- detached as well as implicated in the work's commentary on downtown expansion into "fringe" areas like 2nd Story's and the subsequent displacement of inhabitants from these lower-rent areas. 

Karilee Fuglem Millar

Karilee is a recent graduate of the Alberta College of Art via Ontario College of Art in Toronto and various community colleges in Vancouver. Last May and June she attended the Summer Studio Program in New York on scholarship. Her frequent moves have made her sensitive to issues of impermanence and alienation within the urban area.