Boxes | Paméla Landry | March 10 to March 26, 1988

Paméla Landry from Chicoutimi, Quebec, is having an exhibition of her recent works. This series of containers presented under the form of boxes comes from a reflection of the domestication of environment by man, and the ambiguity of this power unique to human beings. From the principles of water, air, earth, and fire juxtaposed with notions of interior and exterior, the viewer has to take the role of an owner or observer of the mis-en-scene proposed. The viewer is placed in two conflicting position: to be dominant or dominated.

Paméla Landry

Paméla Landry lives and works in Chicoutimi, Quebec, where she attended the University of Quebec. In 1986, Landry came to Alberta to participate in the Banff Centre's Visual Arts advanced studio program at the School of Fine Arts.