Stolen Horses | Murray Ashley | November 22, 1988


Murray Ashley is currently in the process of creating a performance/installation which reflects his own cultural persona. This masked performance will include native singing and dance oriented sensibilities. 

This exhibition will transform the gallery into a ritual space for a performance based on the "potlatch" tradition of Noth West Coast tribes. In this tradition, the Chief would commission a play to celebrate the tribe and mock his enemies, while at the same time display his wealth and power. Murray has updated this theme to include his fascination with the several diverse native styles that combine to form his heritage.

Before and after the performance there will be an exhibition of the masks and artifacts used to bring the event to life. The performers working with Murray on his event will be a mixture of traditional and contemporary players. 

The performance will be at 8 o'clock on November 22nd, 1988. 

Murray Ashley

Murray Ashley was born in Bow Island, Alberta in 1960. His formal education consists of apprenticeships with West Coast and Ojibwe artists Doug Harper, Gene Brabent, and Norval Morriseau